BTS Jimin, Permission to Dance' "Dancing genius that no one can imitate"

BTS Jimin, Permission to Dance’ “Dancing genius that no one can imitate”

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Photo = Naver Now Capture

BTS Jimin has once again confirmed his nickname as a dance genius.

On the 9th, BTS first unveiled their ‘Permission to Dance’ performance on Naver’s ‘NOW’ and ‘A Butterful Getaway with BTS’.

On the stage of ‘Butter’, which was decorated on the bus leaving for the campsite, Jimin captured the eyes and ears of his eyes and ears by delivering the excitement of the trip with his cheerful dance and smile in a free atmosphere.

After arriving at the campsite, they introduced new songs, summoned ‘my past me’ to have a conversation, and ‘changed soul’ to another member and had time to check how well they knew the members through answers appropriate to each topic. When Jimin returned to the age of 19, he said, “I want to do a solo performance with the members at the main stadium,” reflecting his longing for the stage.

Jimin, who faced ‘spring day’ in front of the bonfire, created a mysterious atmosphere of innocence with white skin and black hair, and performed a live performance with a beautiful and unique tone, giving a deeply moving stage.

Lastly, the first public stage of the new single ‘Permission to Dance’ decorated NOW’s highlight. The unique outfit with a white cloth reminiscent of a cowboy belt bag on top of beige pants was also reborn in Jimin’s own style.

Photo = Naver Now Capture

The angle of the arms and legs, the angle of the face looking at the fingertips, and the gaze processing in the action of stabbing one arm upward were not enough to be used as the signature move of Permission to Dance.

The vocals also had a special tone that could not be imitated, and the bridge part that Jimin started with was a killing point as a turning point in the song.

Fans responded with comments such as “Jimin, who gives healing energy, just looking at him makes me happy”, “The camera can’t keep up with Jimin”, and “Genius idol who makes easy choreography into art”.

On the other hand, about ‘Permission to Dance’, Jimin introduced, “It is a song that anyone can enjoy easily, and it contains the message that anyone can freely dance as much as they want, even if they have a hard day in reality.”

You can also enjoy Jimin’s fancam through Naver’s music app VIBE.

Soon-shin Kim, staff reporter for Tenasia

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