BTS Jimin, ``Jimin over flowers'' snipers women's hearts while showing off her beautiful hanbok

BTS Jimin, “Jimin over flowers” snipers women’s hearts while showing off her beautiful hanbok

BTS Jimin expressed his love for fans and delivered a New Year’s greeting to ARMY fans.

Jimin said, “Happy New Year. Let’s be happy with us again this year!” through fan community Wevers on the 11th. As a fan lover who has been called’Park Da-jung’ through interactive communication,’Like Us’ He gave the fans the first happiness of the new year with the words filled with excitement.

On the same day, the behind-the-scenes photos of the members’ new year’s new year’s relay making new year’s card were released through the official Naver Post of Big Hit Entertainment.

Jimin in V pose caught the eye with the visual of a nobleman who showed off his beautiful hanbok.

In addition, the eyes that glanced at the New Year’s card to show to the ARMYs who had not met in the aftermath of Corona 19 made them soak in the longing for the fans.

Meanwhile, the group he belongs to is showing off its tremendous potential on the American Billboard chart.

According to the latest chart (as of February 13) released by Billboard, an American music media, on the 9th (hereafter local time), BTS’ digital single’Dynamite’ ranked second on the’Billboard Global (excluding the US)’ chart, It ranked 3rd in’Billboard Global 200′.

‘Billboard Global 200′ and’Billboard Global (Excluding the US)’ charts are ranking by aggregate streaming and sales in more than 200 countries/regions around the world.’Dynamite’ is the latest Until the chart, it remained in the top 5 for 22 consecutive weeks, continuing the longest’top 5’record.

tvX Reporter Jeongbeom Lee / Photo = Big Hit Entertainment Official Naver Post

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