BTS Jimin, 'Best Muse' that inspires artists
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BTS Jimin, ‘Best Muse’ that inspires artists

Photo. Alejandro Vigilante Writer Twitter

The creator of the ‘i-art movement’ and Argentinean pop artist Alejandro Vigilante has become a hot topic on Twitter on the 20th, when he articulated BTS Jimin’s artwork.

This is a pop art work that was created by reinterpreting Jimin’s selfie from the artist’s point of view, and Jimin’s solo song, ‘Serendipity’ in the 8-second video, was used as background music to give fans ‘serendipity’.

In addition, another work on the theme of Jimin was posted on Twitter and TickTalk along with the original ‘Serendipity’. Fans who saw this were amazed that it was a beautiful piece and thanked him for sublimating Jimin into art.

Earlier, ‘Alejandro Vigilante’ received attention by posting a pop art work of Jimin as a comment on Jimin’s selfie on the BTS SNS official account. In addition to ‘Alejandro Vigilante’, many artists have chosen BTS Jimin as a muse.

Visual artist James Jean, who recently won the Eisner Award and Harvey Award for Best Cover Artist for 6 and 4 years, has pressed “Like” on BTS Jimin’s photo. As the facts became known, it became a hot topic on SNS and attracted attention.

By Kim Min-jung, reporter

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