BTS Jimin "Are you going to do it together? Promise!"  Seoul travel excitement prehistory
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BTS Jimin “Are you going to do it together? Promise!” Seoul travel excitement prehistory

[스타뉴스 문완식 기자] BTS JIMIN

BTS Jimin gave the excitement of his trip to Seoul with his sweet voice and lovely look.

On the 11th, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Foundation made a promotional video for Seoul Tourism through the Seoul Tourism Foundation website and official SNS account. [SEOUL X BTS] ‘SEE YOU IN SEOUL’ was simultaneously released around the world.

Jimin, who decorated the countdown video for each member that was released from the 4th, appeared in the full video, which started with the introduction of National Treasure No. 1 Sungnyemun, in the background of the colorful fireworks festival with the hashtag #FireworksFestival #NightLife. I took the Hwaryong point.

Jimin showed off his boyfriend’s beauty in a stylish and comfortable black and white fashion, watching the colorful fireworks colorfully embroidered in the night sky of Seoul, and taking a commemorative photo with a mobile phone.


Jimin said, “I want to see you together. Wow!” and admired the night view of Seoul in the midst of the fireworks festival, while in a sweet and lovely voice, “Are you going to do it together? Promise?”

Fans say “Our Jimin, who shines more than fireworks”, “Promise! I will definitely go to Seoul when Corona 19 is over”, “I want to go to local ARMY as well as overseas fans”, “Once at Jimin’s shining visual, sweetness “I fall in love with the sweet voice once again” and expressed a hot reaction.

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