BTS Jimin, a star suitable for smart TV commercials

BTS Jimin, a star suitable for smart TV commercials

BTS Jimin was selected as the #1 star suitable for smart TV commercials.

For a total of 7 days from the 21st to the 27th of last month, the community portal site DC Inside (CEO Kim Yoo-sik) and’Exciting Dish’ operated by My Celebs, a taste search company, said,’Who is a star suitable for smart TV advertisements?’ As a result of voting, BTS Jimin ranked first.

Jimin received 133.038 votes out of a total of 253,801 votes, and ranked first with an overwhelming approval rating of 52%. The keywords for selection were’smart’ (26%),’cool’ (17%), and’smart’ (16%). ) Appeared in order.

Records like this remind us of his extraordinary popularity.

On the other hand, the bulletproof boy band he belongs to was’Dynamite’, which consecutively achieved’cumulative million points’ in the weekly combined single ranking of the Oricon Chart in Japan.

Big Hit Entertainment announced on the 25th “According to the latest chart released by Oricon in Japan (as of March 1), the digital single’Dynamite’, which was simultaneously released by BTS on August 21st last year, is a’weekly combined single ranking’ (aggregate It was ranked 6th (32,317 points) in the period from February 15th to 21st.” As a result, the cumulative sales points totaled 10,13,911.

The Oricon Weekly Total Single Ranking is a chart that ranks the number of digital downloads and streaming counts in terms of points converted.

tvX Reporter Jeong-beom Lee / Photo = Exciting Dish-Big Hit Entertainment Naver Post

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