Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung and Huang Jiaju, these dead stars, died so spiritually, they couldn't believe it!

Bruce Lee, Leslie Cheung and Huang Jiaju, these dead stars, died so spiritually, they couldn’t believe it!

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There are a lot of popular celebrities in China, but we can’t name some of them, but some celebrities who have left us are familiar with them and can’t let go of them for a long time. Some have even left us for decades. We But I still miss them. Today, the editor counts a few superstars to everyone. They died so spiritually, we can’t believe it!

A generation of kung fu superstar Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”, a generation of kung fu superstar Bruce Lee even wrote, directed and acted in a movie called “Game of Death” at the peak of his career, which caused a great sensation at the time. As a result, the film was only halfway through, and Bruce Lee died bizarrely, and “Game of Death” became Bruce Lee’s death work.

Li Guohao wrote and directed the movie “The Crow”. He is the son of Bruce Lee. If he is a little superstitious, he would really think that his family has been cursed. In the film “The Crow”, Li Guohao wrote and directed and acted in order to clarify the fragility of life. In fact, I deliberately filmed a scene where the protagonist was shot and killed by someone stealing a real bullet, and he became a cocoon, and he was actually shot on the set by someone stealing a real bullet, repeating the mistakes of his father.

Wong Ka Kui “I will also be afraid that one day I will fall.” The famous Hong Kong singer and the former soul of Beyond band Wong Ka Kui, the most classic lyric in his song “Broad Sea and Sky” reads “I will also be afraid that one day I will fall”. It was really filmed in Japan. He accidentally fell from a high platform during the show and was eventually rescued. “Broad Sea and Sky” became a swan song.

Anita Mui’s “Rouge Button” Hong Kong actor Anita Mui, the most classic scene in the movie “Rouge Button” is that he becomes a wild ghost looking for lover Leslie Cheung in the sun. The result is exactly the same as the plot in real life, but the roles of the two are just interchanged. After Leslie Cheung’s death, Anita Mui also died one after another.

Leslie Cheung’s “Alien Space”, Hong Kong’s famous film star Leslie Cheung, during the filming of the film “Alien Space”, he often had nightmares in a trance due to shooting shots of jumping from a building. Later, he really jumped to his death and “Alien Space” became a reality. Leslie Cheung’s last work.

Gao Fengzhi’s “Brave New World”, the famous Chinese singer Gao Feng, on the cover of his record “Brave New World”, cut off his head in the photo according to his wishes, and put a tube in his hand. He died of illness during the album’s release, and his head was really full of tubes before he died. Dear friends, which one of the above-mentioned dead superstars is the most impressed, welcome to leave a message and cherish the memory together!

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