Indonesian police officers (photographed on November 13, 2019, material photo). (c) Rahmad SURYADI / AFP

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[AFP = Current affairs]Two 16-year-old sisters were arrested in Indonesia for murdering a sister who had sexual relations with an unmarried man. Police officials announced on the 12th. Brothers may be sentenced to death if convicted.

The incident occurred in Bantaeng, Sulawesi Island. The 20-year-old and 30-year-old brothers admitted that the younger sister had been struck with lumber and accused of having extramarital affairs.

In addition, the two men said they had a sexual relationship with their younger sister after he refused to marry his younger sister, and temporarily confined him.

“ The suspects said they were furious and humiliated because they admitted that their sister had sexual activity with a distant relative, ” said a local police chief.

Police authorities also detained seven members of the same family to protect them from interrogation and furious locals.

The suspect’s brother may be sentenced to death if convicted of a planned murder.

In several countries in South Asia, there are frequent “honor killings” in which male relatives kill women because they humiliate their families, but this is rare in Indonesia.

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