Brother Yaoshui realizes the dream of China's new rap, Wu Yifan personally presented the gold necklace, but Giao was eliminated
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Brother Yaoshui realizes the dream of China’s new rap, Wu Yifan personally presented the gold necklace, but Giao was eliminated

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If you hear that Brother Potion is going to participate in the new Chinese rap and you don’t know how the players reacted, you might think that Brother Potion is just going to show your face. As for whether you can get the gold necklace, I believe absolutely Most players will think it is impossible. After all, you still need to have a certain degree of professionalism if you want to learn to rap. This is equivalent to another cross-border challenge for Brother Medicine.

But what is unexpected is that Brother Yaoshui really passed the audition, and he also got a gold necklace from Wu Yifan and a big hug.

In fact, in the beginning of the plot, Brother Yaoshui was undoubtedly going to add some topicality to the new rap to increase popularity, and the truth is true. When Brother Yaoshui came to the audition site, many Rappers recognized this well-known one after another. Abstract artists all took out their mobile phones to take a group photo, and Yaoshui was also satisfied one by one, as if he was a celebrity. It can be said that the audition site is the fan meeting of Yaoshui.

Although the atmosphere in the audience is very full, but once reestyle on the stage, Brother Yaoshui immediately showed his original shape, and he looked like a layman. The lyrics sang were not consistent and rhyming, so that when Brother Yaoshui and dunking brothers When Brother Giao Shiji was in the same frame as the Battle, Brother Yaoshui was the most imposing. In Giao’s words, this is Rapper’s paradise, and there is no place for abstract art to stay.

However, what is interesting is that in the next mentor audition, Giao said that Giao did not get the golden necklace from Gai’s place and left the scene sadly. As for the medicine, he changed the way he was only in the freestyle, smooth and smooth. A clear section of rapper was recognized by Wu Yifan. The moment the audience boiled when Brother Potion held the gold necklace, who would have thought that Brother Potion could actually get the gold necklace and fulfill his promise?

I believe that the player’s impression of Brother Potion is still in front of the live broadcast with all kinds of weird and funny, creating all kinds of stalks, what do you match, the red-haired sister, “West Rat Overlord”, etc., but if you think If Brother Potion is really stupid, then you are wrong. You can see from getting the gold necklace that Brother Potion is really capable.

You laugh at the abstract art of Brother Potion, but you don’t know that you are part of the art, and Brother Potion’s realm is really high.


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