Brother gamers want to upgrade RAM, then hurry up, do not about to increase the price to the place

If you want to upgrade RAM, please hurry up and try to raise the price to the place - Photo 1.

As many people know, the current price of RAM is decreasing quite a bit compared to the time of the past few years. A set of 32GB bus DDR4 with good quality is currently only about 4 million to 4.5 million dong, while 16GB is only about 2.5 million dong, quite pleasant and worth upgrading.

With the current use of gaming tasks or normal work, 8GB has proved to be a bit lacking. Just turn on the web browser and run the game (of course, chat) has not been enough, let alone livestream or run various tasks. The capacity is good enough to use it now, it will be 16GB, the heavy game is still fine and you can use it to work, edit photos, videos … just fine.

If you want to upgrade to long-term use, the 32GB capacity will be the most perfect, you can freely surf the web, battle games, livestream, edit videos or use the good learning tasks. It is expected that this capacity will be enough for about 2-3 years without any additional touches, this is even enough 'life cycle' for your PC.

In terms of RAM speed, or familiarity called 'bus', about 3200 MHz is already a high-end form, if only for gaming and normal use, capacity will be more important than speed. Therefore, money should be prioritized to have large memory rather than high bus.

If you want to upgrade RAM, please hurry up and try to raise the price to the place - Photo 2.

The sad news is that in the coming time, the price of RAM may increase again, caused by the second largest memory chip manufacturer in the world, Samsung is planning to push up profits. At the same time, Japan's export ban is still in effect, so NSX worldwide may be forced to push prices up to secure their business.

In order to meet both the demand and anticipate the increase of the market price in the near future, the current time is an accurate time to upgrade RAM for Vietnamese gamers.


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