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British students were arrested for making pistols with 3D printers

An English student was arrested after using a 3D printer to make a shotgun. The police initially searched the 26-year-old suspect's house, Tendai Muswere, in Southwark County for suspecting the possession of marijuana but they also found components of a 3D printed gun and the gun could work. .

Muswere is currently a student and has no license to use guns. Speaking to the investigator, he declared the purpose of the gun as a tool for a university filmmaking project but did not speak specifically.

Muswere said that he was unaware that he had printed a gun that could cause damage. But what investigators found was that in Web browsing history, Muswere watched a lot of video tutorials on how to make a real shotgun with a 3D printer. In a second search that took place in February 2018, investigators also discovered many other components of a 3D printed gun.

The Metropolitan Police Department said gun design boards and instructions can be downloaded from the Internet, but not all components can be printed with 3D printers. In other words, a gun cannot simply be made with online drawings and 3D printers.

But this 3D printed gun is also causing many problems, for example, but it is difficult to trace its origin and although it is illegal to possess such weapons in the United Kingdom and the US, it is difficult to law enforcement because it is not necessary to determine who is the maker. The laxness of this law for the management and use of 3D printing guns is a topic of concern to authorities.

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Suspect of Tendai Muswere of Zimbabwe.

Jonathan Roberts, the leader of the investigation, said: "Muswere said he printed a gun for a university film project but could not explain why he put the gun into the components that make up a We know that Muswere has a plan to change the steel gun barrel from there so that the gun can fire live bullets. " He added: "This verdict, perhaps the first to involve the use of 3D printers to produce guns and it has prevented a gun that could cause damage to criminals …"

Not only did the gun find out, investigators also found cannabis and evidence of cannabis growing at Muswere's home.


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