British Parliament refused to hold elections in December

British Parliament rejected petitions to hold elections in December

Over the past two months, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly called for elections when he became impatient with a deadlock in Parliament over Brexit.

In a key vote, British parliamentarians refused to hold elections on 12 December.

There were 299 MPs voting for and 70 against it. However, Mr. Johnson did not have the support of at least two-thirds of the 650 congressmen to approve the proposal.

House Speaker John Bercow runs the voting session in Parliament

The vote took place in Parliament just hours after EU leaders agreed to allow Britain to extend its Brexit until January 31, meaning the UK will not leave the EU on October 31 as Prime Minister Johnson insists. .

Mr. Johnson's government then issued a motion in Congress for an election on December 12. "No one wants an election in the winter," Johnson said. But this National Assembly is about to expire. ”

He also said Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was trying to evade voters. "He can run, but he cannot hide anymore."


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