British Intelligence: The CCP poses 'The greatest threat to world order'
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British Intelligence: The CCP poses ‘The greatest threat to world order’

On Sunday (September 13), the director of British defense intelligence told British media that the Chinese communist regime “Poses the greatest threat to world order.”

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Speaking at the first press conference on September 13 at the British defense intelligence center located at the Royal Air Force Base in Wyton, Lt. Gen. Jim Hockenhull said. “Global adversaries such as Russia and China continually challenge the existing order without causing direct conflict, operating in the ever-expanding gray zone between war and peacetime.”

The Telegraph reported that although Mr. Hockenhull considers Russia as “The greatest geopolitical and military threat to European security,” but he still reserved strong warnings about the Chinese communist regime.

He said China “Increasingly authoritarian and aggressive. They pose the greatest threat to the world order, seek to impose standards and rules and use their economic might to influence and destroy. This is supported by a large-scale investment in the modernization of its armed forces. ”

According to the The SunMr. Hockenhull said that Beijing has accelerated military modernization since Xi Jinping took power in 2013.

He said the Chinese military is now bragging about “Their array of most advanced weapons systems are rapidly undermining the military advantage of the West. China’s growing fleet of Renhai-class destroyers is the most capable of any nation’s navy. ”

According to the British Department of Defense, Mr Hockenhull said the current global picture has changed the character of the war and that the West will be challenged to keep up with opponents that do not follow the rules of the game.

He warned that the conflict was spreading into new areas such as networking and space, threatening British cohesion, responsiveness and global interests.

He said: “While the conventional threats remain, we are seeing competitors invest in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning (using algorithms that allow computers to learn from data in order to do so). rather than explicit programming), and other groundbreaking technologies, while also reinforcing traditional influencing techniques. ”

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The UK government is conducting a comprehensive review of its foreign, security and defense policy.

In July, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said Britain’s defense ministry was planning to change the traditional defense and “More active in the newest fronts such as space, network, and undersea.”

Mr. Wallace wrote on The Telegraph that both Russia and China have developed space attack weapons and are upgrading their capabilities.

Hostile state organizations’ cyber attacks are also seen as a high risk to Britain, especially during the new corona virus pandemic.

On July 22, British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said he was “deeply concerned” by the evidence that China was involved in malicious cyber attacks against commercial, medical and academic organizations. Techniques, including organizations working to deal with the corona virus pandemic.

A day earlier, the US Justice Department announced that two Chinese hackers were being prosecuted for targeting businesses and government agencies from many countries such as the UK, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Australia and Japan to steal millions of dollars of trade secrets and other sensitive information, and is trying to steal research results on COVID-19.

On May 5, the British National Cybersecurity Center (NCSC) and the US cybersecurity and infrastructure agency (CISA) released a joint consultation, exposing malicious network campaigns. into the international healthcare and research institutions involved in dealing with the corona virus.

In response to the cyber threat, the UK government announced on September 10 that healthcare businesses will be able to participate in government-sponsored training to strengthen cybersecurity and protect businesses. sensitive data.

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