British destroyer twice intruded into Russian territorial waters?

British destroyer twice intruded into Russian territorial waters?

A few hours ago, in the media, it appeared that the incident of the violation of the Russian sea border by the British missile destroyer HMS Defender near the Crimean peninsula was not the only incident.

Specifically, a warship with NATO’s air defense function actually entered Russian territorial waters for the second time in just a week, the first case occurred a few hours before the incident off the coast of Sevastopol.

In the introduced photo published by the British media, it is easy to see that the route of the British missile destroyer passed through two closed areas off the coast of Crimea – the first violation of the sea border of the country. Russia occurs near the western part of the peninsula.

However, nothing was previously reported about the incident, leading to the fact that a few hours later a second emergency emerged, with an incursion into Russian territorial waters near Sevastopol and a collision. with patrol boats as well as Su-24 frontline bombers.

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The route of the British destroyer HMS Defender passes through the Crimean peninsula and Sevastopol.

According to the BBC, the maritime campaign against Russia has been carefully planned, as previously reported, has received the approval of the British Defense Secretary and also the support of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. .

It should be noted that the Russian side has not yet officially commented on the above data, but it should be added that the British Prime Minister recently announced that the British fleet intends to continue sending its warships through the waters. that Russia.

The British action is receiving support from the US, as the missile destroyer USS Ross (DDG-71) is preparing to enter the same route that the HMS Defender passes, followed by many ships expected to follow. troops of other NATO countries.

In the face of this situation, Russian military analysts warn that the country can make even tougher responses, not just stopping at artillery fire or warning bombs.

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