Britain demanded to re-establish relations with the EU

Britain demanded to re-establish relations with the EU

On February 8, the UK called for re-establishing relations with the European Union (EU) and reforming some provisions of the Brexit agreement, including provisions related to trade with Northern Ireland. .

Britain is committed to establishing a relationship with the EU
Just “divorced”, Britain wants to find a way to re-establish relations with Europe.

London notes that UK confidence has eased as Brussels attempts to limit COVID-19 supply of respiratory infections vaccine to the country.

Relations between the UK and the EU, which have been difficult after long negotiations on Brexit until now, have continued to intensify when the EU warned of the possibility of using emergency measures to prevent vaccines from this bloc into Northern Ireland. . Meanwhile, the EU and the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca have become more stressed over the problem of vaccine delivery.

The EU wants factories producing COVID-19 vaccines that are included in vaccine sales contracts signed between pharmaceutical companies and the EC will have to apply for a license to export vaccines to countries outside the bloc, and provide an export plan. 3 months ago.

The purpose of this plan is to ensure transparency and, where necessary, it also provides tools to secure vaccine delivery. EU officials also confirmed that the measure is not targeting AstrZeneca alone, but that all COVID-19 vaccine export companies have contracts with the EU to purchase and sell vaccines.

Although the EU quickly changed its attitude towards vaccine supplies, London hopes to take advantage of this to make changes to the Brexit deal as new rules have caused disruptions in trade. UK trade with Northern Ireland.

The EU’s quick withdrawal of “vaccine control” measures prompted British officials to demand that relations with the EU be re-established.

Last week, Michael Gove, UK Brexit Minister of Affairs, sent a letter to European Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic asking for some changes to the so-called Northern Ireland “pact” in Brexit deal.

He requested an extension of the time for shipping food from Great Britain to Northern Ireland from a few months to two years. Mr. Gove emphasized that there are some issues that need to be improved in the way the treaty is operated to make it more effective, for the benefit of the Northern Irish people.

However, the EU was ready to reject the UK’s call.

The European Commission (EC), the EU’s governing body, is likely to agree to an additional three to six months extension for the carriage of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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