Brigadier General Boli: Affordable phone worth thousands of yuan should be able to buy a child safety chair-Lianhe Daily

Perak City Chief Sheriff Datuk Su Lina said that in general, a mobile phone used by people is worth thousands of ringgits, so they will also be able to buy child safety seats to keep their children safe when they are in the car.

Sulina said so during a “Chinese Lunar New Year Road Safety Campaign” held outside the police headquarters of Buzhou.

She also educated the owners of children with cars and advised them to install child safety seats for the safety of their children.

The director of the Bolivian Road Safety Bureau, Kale Gurma, said that the Land Transport Bureau and the police will give the public a half-year education period, give advice, and then from July, they will deal with uninstalled car owners.

He said that the government’s compulsory child safety seat policy is not to increase the burden on the people, but to ensure the safety of children while riding.

He said that if the child sits alone in the car or is held in the hands of parents, when a car accident occurs, the child is highly likely to die after being thrown out of the car. Therefore, parents should start with the safety of the child first. Child safety chair.

On the other hand, Wari, the director of the Canadian Central Police District, advised that if you want to sell firecrackers and fireworks, you must apply to the district police officers.

However, Ward and Yarrow Police District Director Nanda said that so far the police have not received any permit applications to sell firecrackers and fireworks during the Lunar New Year in the state.

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