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Brexit issue: EU warns of difficulties in post-Brexit trade negotiations

Speaking at Web Summit, Europe's largest technology event, taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, Mr. Barnier said the risk of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement still exists.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier (right) speaks at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France on September 18, 2019. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

However, even if the Brexit agreement is approved, the EU must continue to negotiate with the UK on a new partnership in the post-Brexit period. According to him, state subsidies, social and environmental rights, taxes will be the European Commission's top priorities in the negotiations, while the time to negotiate new partnerships with The two sides are very few. Therefore, he believes that post-Brexit negotiations will become difficult and the UK should not think that negotiating a zero tariff and quota is not enough.

On October 28, at a meeting in Brussels, Belgium, EU member states agreed to extend the Brexit process for another 3 months, until January 31, 2020, instead of October 31. The three-month extension is thought to be sufficient for the British Prime Minister to deal with internal issues in order to approve the Brexit deal in Parliament.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also received support from the British Parliament for early elections in early December 2019 that he hopes will break Brexit's deadlock and lead to approval. with the Brexit deal he reached with the EU in early October. Mr. Johnson believes that the new Brexit agreement is the only solution to address the current instability that has affected the UK economy since the end of the referendum on Brexit in 2016.

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