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BREMBO from Italy, as the top brand of brake system, can be seen in small cars from scooter to heavy machinery, automobiles, etc. It is also often used with BREMBO brake systems in many models that advertise high performance or high-end The factory standard configuration, and today BREMBO Taiwan’s general agent Feng Nianli also brought everyone the popular scooter’s full-floating brake disc, priced at 6,990 yuan, and the star driver Lin Zhiying platform was invited to the press conference. Let’s come together. have a look!

BREMBO has released a full-floating disc for powerful combat, which will make your brakes more exciting!

Star driver Lin Zhiying also appeared on the Brembo platform!

BREMBO Racing Full Floating Brake Disc

Although it is not the first technical cooperation between Fengnianli and BREMBO Italy headquarters, it is still quite rare to develop special competitive brake discs for 12-inch scooter and light-duty vehicles. After many years, the successful development of a special competitive brake disc that is most suitable for 12-inch light vehicles and can be used on general roads is a milestone in the international business cooperation between Taiwan and Italy.

BREMBO battles full-floating brake discs – 245/4mm.

The weight is only 710g, which can effectively reduce the unsprung weight.

The full floating disc introduced this time is made of the same material and design as the SuperSport series. The outer disc made of special steel can withstand extreme thermo-mechanical stress, and the inner disc is made of forged aluminum alloy blanks by CNC cutting, and hardened anode Color. Because the vehicle configuration is different from the past, the tightly fitted forged aluminum alloy floating buckle is used to improve accuracy and durability, and to reduce weight and abnormal noise. The floating buckle is painted in red and the Brembo logo “b” is engraved. This brake The disc can not only be replaced with the original disc disc of Jinzhan without any modification, but also can be used in scooter and light-duty vehicles with similar specifications.

The big “b” on the floating buckle is painted in red, which is quite eye-catching.

In addition to the battle, the YAMAHA EC-05 with BREMBO full-floating disc was also displayed.

Applicable model:

  • YAMAHA Battle 1-5 generation
  • YAMAH EC-05
  • GOGORO 2、3
  • AEON Hongjiateng Ai-1

Automotive BM series

The BM caliper not only inherits the usual advantages of the original GT caliper, but also improves more control and sensitivity. The piston heat sink also greatly reduces the temperature transmitted when the disc and the disc are rubbed. It can be regarded as a part of the GT brake system. The Great Leap Forward uses the low-impedance dust-proof ring (set) for GTR racing. In addition to the forged piston on the top, there is a special piston heat dissipation cover for the track series calipers, and the surface of the piston is also newly added with hardened anodizing to reduce the movement time of the piston. The resistance and increase the hardness. The 2017 latest M6 caliper not only inherits the usual advantages of the original GT caliper, but also improves the handling and sensitivity. The piston cooling cover also greatly reduces the temperature transmitted when the disc and the disc are rubbed. It can be regarded as a GT brake system. A great leap forward.


In order to obtain better handling and sensitivity, GT-S calipers adopt low-impedance parts of GT-R calipers for racing, and use the same dust-free design as GT-R calipers for racing. Therefore, regular cleaning is required. ,maintenance. Based on GT mainstream calipers, the body is made of the latest and exclusive 4D casting technology. It solves the problems of bulky, low density and weak strength that are different from ordinary casting products. The surface is black hardened anodized and CNC processed fonts , And use the low-impedance dust-proof ring (set) for GTR racing. The forged piston has a special piston heat dissipation cover for the track series caliper on the top, and a hardened anode treatment is added to the piston surface to reduce the resistance when the piston is actuated. And increase the hardness.


It is the highest level in the GT racing series caliper group. All settings are based on the maximum premise, so that it can give full play to the highest performance and highest product quality. The body is processed with high-quality forged aluminum alloy blanks, and is formed and turned by the most advanced computer equipment throughout the whole process. The nickel-plated technology is the same as the F1 caliper, in addition to symbolizing top products, close to zero tolerance and excellent. Its heat dissipation performance is also the best in the world, whether it is weight, body rigidity, temperature resistance, etc., it is the best in the GT series. The low-noise two-plate floating disc system derived from F1 racing technology can not only reduce the unsprung load, but also quickly dissipate excess heat. It is defined for use on the track and is also suitable for general streets. Due to the different definitions of this caliper, it is designed without a dust cover and requires regular cleaning.


It is made with the latest exclusive casting technology and monobloc, which solves the problems of bulkiness, low density and weak strength that are different from ordinary double-piece casting products. The body weight of a single caliper is only 3.8 kg, and the piston size ranges from 28mm-38mm (different diameters vary depending on the model, which is the difference in performance from the BREMBO patchwork in the market). The bilateral independent internal and external oil passages make forging The piston can move reliably and accurately, and it is also linear, but it has a strong braking force. It is tailored to the vehicle with the latest measuring instruments and technology, and it eliminates computer programming and different caliper oil levels. Its unparalleled accuracy and high-level quality are rare in any packaged brake set. In addition, the excellent design of the dust cover, which is not available in other brands, is not only suitable for the track, but also suitable for the harsh environment of wind, rain and dust on the street on weekdays, maintaining superior performance.

Imported Tubi exhaust pipe in Italy

Exhaust pipes produced by Tubi are specially provided for supercars and F1 events. Except for Stainless steel version 304 (T304), the exhaust pipes are made of nickel alloy exhaust pipes. Its product development comes from their experience in racing, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, McLaren, Pagani and other supercar manufacturers, and original exhaust pipe manufacturers. At the same time, it is also the supplier of Ferrari F1 exhaust pipe exhaust system and the co-development supplier of P1 GTR/FERRARI 812 Superfast/488 Pista original high-performance exhaust system.

The Inco Nickel 625 series used in Tubi Inco nickel exhaust pipes are often used in heat insulation materials, temperature-resistant exhaust pipes on aircraft, exhaust pipe systems and turbine outer rings. Its advantages are: oxidation resistance, acid resistance, and good welding performance . In addition, Tubi T304 exhaust pipe is austenitic series stainless steel with low content, medium strength, high corrosion resistance and high price. T304 stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, excellent processability and mature technology. It is currently the largest and most widely used stainless steel material in the world.

The products introduced by BREMBO are quite diversified, including BREMBO discs, calipers, master cylinders, Italian Tubi exhaust pipes and Japanese KOHKEN modified products. For those who want to improve braking power and personalize their own vehicles, the second and fourth wheels Round players will be a good choice.

The T-shaped floating buckle disc used on SUZUKI GSX-R1000R also appeared in the venue!

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