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Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 64 united by a mod


A very widespread practice in the video game field, modding is a great tool for touching the very code of the game. This then makes it possible to modify and therefore improve, or even add, content to the basic version. So, Skyrim might not have been played so much yet if it hadn’t been for a plethora of mods to go with it. We will also think of Counter Strike, born from the modification of Half Life. And of course the MOBA genre would never have seen the light of day without the mod Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients (Dota).

And despite the examples cited above, modding isn’t just about PC games. This is what we will see with a Mod dedicated to bringing together Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 64.

Developed by the Waikuteru team, this Mod proposes to explore a new sanctuary faithfully reproducing the famous Fortress of Whomp. Although using only elements of BotW, Waiketeru succeeded in infusing the spirit of one of the iconic levels of Mario 64. Movable blocks, flag to be climbed and star of end of level are thus present. And of course, we are accompanied by the cult music of the level, which has become a symbol of this legendary game.

A great success for the Waiketeru team which is not at its first attempt in terms of modding. If we explore the Youtube channel of the same name, we can discover a mod adding a sanctuary to Breath of the Wild, having dungeon airs from previous license titles. Namely longer and more complex than the BotW shrines.

If adding unofficial mods doesn’t scare you, you can head to Waiketeru’s Youtube channel to find the links for these two mods, available on Switch and WII U, in the description of the respective videos. A good reason (if one was needed) to return to this already legendary game that is Breath of the Wild.



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