Break the routine with trust, the fast-handed "methodology" of automobile marketing

Break the routine with trust, the fast-handed “methodology” of automobile marketing

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In 2020, due to the sudden “black swan”, the passenger flow of offline channels has dropped sharply, and consumers’ willingness to buy cars will be affected. The automotive industry had a difficult time in the first half and throughout the year. At the same time, changes in the market environment have also accelerated the “online” of automobile consumption decisions, and a marketing revolution is quietly coming.

In the past, consumers were accustomed to using dealers and vertical information platforms to learn about new car information, consult with cars, and car maintenance. As short videos and live broadcasts became popular applications, more and more “old drivers” and media people began to pass The short video platform answers questions for car owners, manages the trust of users over time, and provides users with extended services such as group buying and after-market. It has become a new “saviour” force in the “winter of the auto market” last year.

Breaking the routine with trust, more and more car enthusiasts are gathering fast hands

Although there is more than one content platform targeting the automotive industry, Kuaishou is one of the most suitable platforms for the growth of automotive vertical creators. As a low-frequency bulk consumer, trust plays a pivotal role in consumer decision-making. Because of the various operations that have been full of routines for a long time, the trust of car dealers in the minds of consumers has been in jeopardy.

How to rebuild consumer trust and establish new connections is a topic facing all platforms. Kuaishou is one of the platforms that is best at creating trust relationships between fans and bloggers. The “old iron” culture is the cornerstone of Kuaishou.

Based on this strong trust relationship, the participation and activity of Kuaishou Live Broadcast is much higher than that of other platforms. Compared with short videos, live broadcasting can give users a stronger sense of presence and realism, and will mobilize users’ enthusiasm for interaction and participation, shorten the distance with the anchor, and realize the “ice-breaking” of trust. In Kuaishou, car bloggers can reply to fans’ questions at any time by opening live broadcasts every day, and become a consumer consultant next to car owners. Because they only need to be accountable to fans, they speak the truth without scruples, breaking the unspoken rule of “only speaking good things” in the auto industry in the past.

Kuaishou post-90s users account for more than 70% of users. In addition to first- and second-tier cities, they also cover “small town youths” who have not been able to reach by car brands in the past, which means that the main groups of future car consumption are gathered here. A large number of young people in small towns who are ready to get the “first car” urgently need “old drivers” to lead the entry, avoiding the routines and traps in the process of buying and maintaining a car. Their demand for professional car content is much higher than that of first- and second-tier cities. . The “2020 Kuaishou Auto Industry Data Value Report” shows that from January to October 2020, the number of users who follow cars in Kuaishou has increased by 110%, and the main car buyers under 40 accounted for more than 85%.

An official data shows the two-way attraction of Kuaishou for car users and creators. The cumulative number of car-related video content on the Kuaishou platform has exceeded 10 billion, and the number of car vertical creators has exceeded 140,000, with an average daily live broadcast. Over 30,000, covering 550 million fans. It can be said that Kuaishou has formed a unique “people-car-life” content ecology.


In Kuaishou, you can quickly understand the key information of a new car in just a few tens of seconds through the second brother appraising the car, follow him to various 4S stores to bargain prices, and learn to make loans in the easy and funny plot , Insurance, selection and configuration, etc. After serving the fans for free for three and a half years, the second brother has gained the trust of 4.1 million old irons. From leading fans to bargain and pick up cars to gather fans to buy groups from 4S stores, he made the car purchase into a transparent piece of information. thing. Because he dared to distinguish the interest relationship with the 4S shop, the second brother won the followers and trust of fans. Among the more than 2,000 vehicles sold so far, there has not been a serious dispute.

In Kuaishou, the anchors who have accompanied car owners on the radio for many years have met with the audience in another way. David, who has hosted the car radio column for seven years, will open Kuaishou live broadcast every period of the radio, and will go to 4S shops and repair shops. Interviewed front-line personnel and answered questions that Lao Tie left messages. In addition to David, there are more traditional radio and car anchors who have completed the transformation in Kuaishou.

It was precisely because of seeing the spontaneously growing car content ecology on the platform. In November 2019, Kuaishou officially launched the Kuaishouche channel, which aggregated Kuaishou’s car content. At the same time, Kuaishou incorporated the car anchor into the photosynthetic plan and announced that it will support the traffic of car verticals.

“Car Enthusiasts” assist Lao Tie in professional rights protection, and quickly help Lao Tie every day

For a long time, due to lack of trust and poor communication, disputes between consumers and dealers and automakers have increased day by day. According to the “Analysis of the Acceptance of Complaints by the National Consumers Association in 2019” issued by the China Consumers Association, automobiles and parts rank first in the complaint list of the commodity category, accounting for 42% of the total consumer complaints. This is an increase of 25.1% year-on-year. Due to lack of professional knowledge, car owners often face serious information mismatch problems in the protection of their rights.

“Car Enthusiasts” is precisely the pain point of Kuaishou for consumers’ rights protection, a content aggregation column created by gathering professional creators on the platform. Kuaishou hopes to use the power of professional auto bloggers on the platform to help consumers and auto brands and dealers have a more equal and professional dialogue and communication. Users with rights protection needs only need to leave a message under the Kuaishou “Kaishuoche” account to quickly submit rights protection information. After the problem is accepted, the car rights protection expert will help the car owner contact the OEM or dealer to deal with it.

In the column of “Car Enthusiasts”, “Old Chang”, who has hosted a 12-year car rights protection program, will conduct a one-hour live broadcast every Tuesday to Friday. With its quick and quick-talking style, it dares to denounce dealers and manufacturers directly. Attitude attracted the attention of 2.53 million Lao Tie and became a “star enthusiast” in Kuaishou. “If you have complaints, find the old Chang” has become the “mantra” of many fans.


With the active participation of “Old Chang” and more bloggers, since the start of the program, “Car Enthusiasts” has helped Kuaishou Lao Tie solve hundreds of car complaints, becoming one of the important channels for car consumers to defend their rights. .

In addition to providing professional support for car owners to defend their rights in daily situations, Kuaishou will also plan March as the “rights protection month” and open a live broadcast of “Enthusiasts Special”. In conjunction with “automobile enthusiasts” and industry rights protection experts, a special live broadcast of car rights protection was launched in the station, covering the three dimensions of “use, purchase, and maintenance” that the old railway is most concerned about, helping consumers to protect their legal rights and interests, paying attention to the responsibilities of car companies, and advocating A more harmonious automobile consumption environment.


During this year’s “Human Rights Protection Month”, Kuaishuo Miss Che took the question of Kuaishou Lao Tie to the five-province radio broadcast rooms, car enthusiasts Lao Chang (Anhui), host Xing Ning (Yunnan), David Kanche (Jilin) ), the factory manager of the truth factory (Heilongjiang), and Yang Yangkanche (Shandong), helped the Lao Railway to solve problems online in real time, and gave gifts to the Lao Railway, which caused nearly 5 million online real-time interactions and 30 million people’s attention on the entire network.

The possibility of letting auto repair shop owners become the master of goods and fast-handed auto e-commerce

As a staff member of Kuaishou said, “We first found people like Erge, and then there was the Kuaisuoche channel.” It was also the group purchase performance of Ergepingche and other bloggers who took the initiative to purchase hundreds of vehicles, which made Kuaishou realize The huge potential of auto e-commerce based on trust relationship.

After the establishment of the Kuaishuoche channel, Kuaishou has significantly accelerated the pace of promoting e-commerce services. If in the past it was the two brothers fighting alone, now it is the overall advancement of the platform. On March 8, Kuaishou e-commerce and Wuling Automobile reached a cooperation to start online sales of complete vehicles. As early as last year, after reaching a cooperation with Kuaishou, Volkswagen has built a mature marketing matrix from brands to dealers and salespeople.

On the basis of the content ecology of Kuaishou “people-cars-life”, Kuaishouche is frequently taking the initiative to build a bridge between e-commerce anchors and car brands, matching the most suitable car service and bringing goods categories for the delivery people, and realizing the brand. The “combination of product and effect” between marketing and live broadcast delivery.

On March 16, Huashao’s live broadcast room put Weimar Motors pre-sale coupons on the live broadcast, attracting more than a thousand users to place orders. In the end, a total of 716 users became the prospective car owners of Weimar W6 through the live broadcast room. It can be said that this live broadcast is a perfect demonstration of Kuaishou’s new model of “promoting e-commerce services with operations”.


In addition to celebrity anchors like Hua Shao, many “little people” in the auto industry have also grown into cargo masters through Kuaishou, and Yan Dong is one of them. He went out of the countryside as an apprentice at the age of 15 and started his business as an apprentice at the age of 20. At the end of 2020, he started contacting fast hand e-commerce. He repaired cars during the day and broadcast live at night. The live broadcast lasts about 4 hours every day. Through hard work and professional and practical explanations, 5 months The number of fans has risen by more than 500,000 in time, and the total sales have exceeded 10 million. On March 30, in the live broadcast event of Kuaishou “Auto Hypermarket”, Yandong achieved a total sales of over 1.27 million and an order volume of over 14,000, and won the title of single product sales champion.

The road of fast-handed e-commerce in the severe winter has pointed out a road of coordinated online and offline development for thousands of auto service providers, and found a new path for brick-and-mortar store owners to reach customers. These “second entrepreneurial” Autobots will also become a viable force for fast-hand e-commerce in the future.

Kuaishou Kuaishou Car Channel was launched at the 2019 Guangzhou Auto Show. In the subsequent Beijing Auto Show and Chengdu Auto Show, Kuaishou participated in the exhibition and gave full play to the advantages of short video and live broadcast in the exhibition. Through the professionalism of bloggers The explanation and the creation of high-quality content provide car fans with a more intuitive, three-dimensional, and in-depth “Cloud Auto Show”.

The upcoming Shanghai Auto Show will be the world’s largest international auto show this year, and the car will naturally not miss this industry annual event. It is understood that Kuaishuo will participate in the Shanghai Auto Show throughout the entire process, and will set up a booth at the auto show, and at the same time summarize and release the 2020 Kuaishuo content matrix and 2021 content play.

Not only that, the “Car Enthusiasts” content matrix will also take the initiative at the Shanghai Auto Show to help old trains see new cars and buy new cars. Through the functions of e-commerce and service e-commerce, they can realize online and offline orders and offline transactions. Provide more car purchase packages and transaction protection.


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