Break the box of Mi Smart Band 6, a worthwhile upgrade from Mi Band 5

Break the box of Mi Smart Band 6, a worthwhile upgrade from Mi Band 5

Xiaomi did not disappoint Mi Fan with the impressive design and features of the Mi Smart Band 6.

Mi Smart Band 6 was introduced on March 29 during a new product launch event. For a long time, Mi Band has been a very popular product line of Xiaomi and Mi Smart Band 6 continues to inherit and develop very well what its predecessors do.

The case of the Mi Smart Band 6 is similar to the Mi Smart Band 5. The entire case is black with the image of the device with the number 6.

Inside the box, users will receive the device, a strap, and a charger. In terms of appearance, the Mi Band 6 is not too different from the Mi Band 5. The basic dimensions (length x width x thickness) are (47.4 x 18.6 x 12.7 mm), respectively.

1.56 inch screen overflow, resolution 152 x 486 pixels is the most prominent upgrade on Smart Band 6. Upgrading helps increase 50% of the display area makes Xiaomi’s national bracelet look more eye-catching. The screen also has a high brightness of up to 450 nit, covered with fingerprint-resistant tempered glass.

The underside of Smart Band 6 is a dual sensor that measures heart rate and blood oxygen concentration (SpO2). The charging dock of the machine is arranged at the edge in the form of two pins with a suction magnet like Mi Band 5. The device owns a 125 mAh capacity battery with the ability to use continuously for 14 days.

Despite the large screen, but thanks to the overflow design Mi Smart Band 6 is still very compact when worn in the hand. The large screen area allows the device to display the screen more informative and eye-catching.

Heart rate sensor combined to measure the concentration of oxygen in the blood is quite stable and gives fast results after a few seconds of being worn on the hand.

Xiaomi equips its latest smart bracelet with water resistance up to 50 meters. As a result, it can be relatively sweat and water resistant, even enough for swimming.

Currently, Mi Smart Band 6 has been opened for sale in the Chinese market with prices starting from 230 yuan (800,000 VND). Products will soon be available globally in the near future.

(Photo: Sohu)


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