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Brazilian Culture Minister resigns because of ‘mouth’

On January 17, Brazilian Culture Minister Roberto Alvim resigned. Photo:

Specifically, in announcing the financial support program for new art activities, Mr. Alvim used the phrase “Brazilian art in the next decade will be heroic and national.” These words are similar to a quote from Goebbels cited in his biography published by author Peter Longerich in 2010. In it, Goebbels said, “German art in the next decade will be colorful. hero”. After confirming the coincidence, Mr. Alvim announced his resignation because his statement caused a strong reaction. He reaffirmed his opposition to the Nazi regime under Adolf Hitler.

Immediately after the recording of Mr. Alvim’s speech was broadcast, several senior Brazilian officials, such as House Speaker Rodrigo Maia and the Brazilian Jewish Association, protested and asked him to resign. . Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also said the statement was an unfortunate incident.

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