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Brazil discovered a workshop for fake Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, priced from 1 billion

Recently, Brazilian police raided a fake Ferrari and Lamborghini car factory in the state of Santa Catarina. These clones of Ferrari and Lamborghini are completed from the body of the car imitating the design of the real car, the interior and exterior details of the fake logo combine with the engine from the popular models. The best thing is probably the automobile factory named Autos Fibra sold the Ferrari and Lamborghini for only $ 47,000 – 66,000 right on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and even Youtube.

More specifically about the incident, at the time when the police entered the automobile workshop, there were two Ferrari and six fake Lamborghinis completed, and there were still many other cars preparing to be faked. It is known that there were the most vehicles sold out and the number is being investigated by the police force. Currently, the father and son of this car factory are temporarily not arrested but are likely to be charged with violating intellectual property laws. It is known that this automobile factory has been in operation for 25 years and specializes in making cars with artisanal cars.

Lamborghini clone logo

With a much lower selling price than the $ 400,000 – 800,000 for real Ferrari and Lamborghini cars, customers who spend money on these fake supercars have complained and commented that the interior is poorly finished with the material. cheap furniture. In addition, they are only equipped with engines from small cars like Mitsubishi Eclipse, Alfa Romeo or Chevrolet Omega.

As for Lamborghini, the company's representative said the company did not intend to prosecute but wanted to avoid using their trademark illegally. At the same time, they stressed the safety risk for users who bought substandard cars and lacked safety equipment. Meanwhile, Ferrari has not yet made any comments on the case.


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