Brazil changes its mind to buy Russian vaccine Sputnik V

Brazil changes its mind to buy Russian vaccine Sputnik V

The Russian news agency TASS reported that the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had just received an announcement from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil about continuing the dialogue to register Sputnik V vaccine.

Brazil wants to buy a hybrid vaccine Sputnik V Russia
Vaccine Sputnik V from Russia

Brazil’s Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has commented on the continued dialogue to buy Russian vaccines after refusing to approve the vaccine on the grounds that “Sputnik V infected with live Adeno virus, the virus that causes colds. usually, common, normal”. They consider these as defects of the vaccine discovered by the regulator and asked the Russian side for sufficient information before Brazil imported them.

In early April, Brazil’s Supreme Court granted Anvisa one month to decide on the import of the Sputnik V vaccine, otherwise the permit would be granted automatically. The regulator responded by asking the court to give them more time on this “to collect data on the drug’s efficacy and safety”.

Information from Anvisa has angered Russian vaccine developer, demanding lawsuit because Brazil slander, spread false information about the vaccine. The Gamaleya Institute accused Anvisa of “intentionally spreading false and inaccurate information” without testing himself. The Russian side considered that Anvisa deceived, acted unethical and spread fake news about the cloned Adeno virus.

When accusing the Russian side, Anvisa Director Antonio Barra Torres remains open to the possibility of certifying this vaccine while waiting for information to show its safety. This move should at least cause the Gamaleya Institute, which produces vaccines to cool down.

Until recently, the Brazilian side resumed negotiations to buy Russian vaccines. The Russian Foreign Ministry also announced to cool down.

“In recognition of the excellent relations between Russia and Brazil, including against the COVID-19, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health welcome the readiness of Anvisa, the Russian Direct Investment Fund and the Gamaleia Institute. to address the remaining questions related to information about Sputnik V vaccine, including the provision of additional documents “- Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

The Russian side said that Brazilian agencies “are ready to have a deeper dialogue regarding Anvisa’s independence and autonomy, so that Sputnik V, once approved in Brazil, can strengthen the COVID vaccination program. -19 countries. ”

The import of Sputnik V vaccine, which was agreed upon by the governor of 14 states of Brazil since early April, has not completed the necessary steps for the world’s third largest epidemic area to be vaccinated.

American newspaper: Brazil is cold

Brazil is also falling into the tragedy of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the past two months alone, the South American nation recorded 140,000 deaths from Covid-19, far exceeding the number of fatalities in India during the same period.

In March, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called on the international community for relief. A group of state governors also sent letters to the United Nations asking for humanitarian aid.

Meanwhile, in mid-April, Brazilian Ambassador to the European Union Marcos Galvao begged the bloc for urgent help. “It is a race against time to save lives in Brazil.”

The Washington Post has recently analyzed that it is the diplomatic response of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that is pushing the country into neglect by Europe and the United States.

Brazil wants to buy a hybrid vaccine Sputnik V Russia
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. Photo: Getty.

South America has long been considered the US backyard, with Brazil being one of the most important partners. But until now, Washington remained indifferent to the call of Brasilia.

When asked why the US did not give Brazil as urgent assistance as it did to India, the State Department representative gave a list of the country’s aid to the South American country, mainly from what was sent from spring 2020, before the worst wave of epidemics hits.

The list shows US government aid of $ 20 million. The private sector bailout for Brazil was $ 75 million, a State Department spokesman said. All of these payments were made under former President Donald Trump. This seems to indicate that the current Joe Biden administration seems to be ignoring Brazil, according to the Washington Post.

After the collapse of the health care system in the city of Manaus, Germany provided emergency relief to Brazil for ventilators. The EU and its members have provided Brazil with $ 28 million in aid since the outbreak of the pandemic.

In addition, the World Health Organization also sends Covid-19 vaccine to Brazil through the COVAX fair distribution program.

But beyond the dripping aid mentioned above, the response of the international community is generally cold when compared to what India has received, commented the Washington Post.

The American newspaper lists, but does not directly emphasize, the link between Mr. Bolsonaro’s behavior and the coldness of the Western world with Brazil: Mr. Bolsonaro has accused European countries of colonialism and deforestation. legal. He once shared a post on social media satirizing the appearance of French President Emmanuel Macron’s First Lady. Mr. Bolsonaro also supported former US President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud, and was the last G-20 leader to congratulate current President Joe Biden’s victory.

And yet, for many months, members of the administration of President Bolsonaro constantly have sarcastic messages about the vaccine produced by China.

On April 28, Brazil’s Finance Minister even said China “invented the virus”. Meanwhile, Finance Minister Paulo Guedes has once again attacked Chinese vaccines. “The Chinese created the virus. And their vaccines are much less effective than the US vaccines,” Guedes said.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador Yang Wanming responded, claiming the country was “Brazil’s primary supplier of vaccines and raw materials for vaccine production”.

The only change is that the Brazilian regulator has finally considered changing its position earlier to continue evaluating and soon buying the Russian vaccine.

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