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Brawl Stars – A free Ricochet Christmas skin

A free skin, a first on Brawl Stars.

Christmas time is an opportunity for players to be spoiled for bonus content. After several modes and brawlers unveiled, it’s Ricochet’s turn to make a new appearance on Brawl Stars after his first visual. As a reminder, Ricochet is one of the first characters integrated in 2017 on Brawl Stars with El Costo, Jessie, Pam, Pocco and Bartaba. 6 months ago, Ricochet has inherited a slightly more modern visual overhaul where its hat has been refined to make room for a robotic skull. Result: happy players, or others disappointed with the changes made to this brawler since it has completely lost its chara-design. If you too prefer the Ricochet of happy times, discover with us how to get this skin.

comparison skin brawl stars ricochet

A Ricochet skin only available this December 24!

In your place, I will not delay, since if we follow the gifts offered in the form of an Advent calendar since December 1, the Ricochet skin will not be available until December 24 in the Star store. Just click on the “free gift of the day” to add it to your collection. If you’ve just landed and learned that Supercell is offering a new gift every day, feel free to continue logging in daily to get additional game bonuses. The gifts are well worth it since mega – boxes have already fallen! An easy way to get gems and coins without spending a single penny in the shop.

The lucky ones can even hope to get new brawlers, provided they keep their fingers crossed. Brawl Stars Advent Calendar Operation Available until January 1 at 9 a.m.. Happy holidays to all our readers!

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