Brave vs Chrome: Which browser is better?

Brave vs Chrome: Which browser is better?

Brave is a Chromium web browser developed by former CEO Mozilla – Brendan Eich. Therefore, this browser has the advantage of Chrome browser and security – privacy of Firefox. The Vietnamese browser community is experiencing and enjoying this Brave browser.

Through experience for a while, we have synthesized for you to read an article comparing the Brave browser and Google Chrome, to see, which browser is really good and more user friendly.


  • Unlike Chrome, Brave in the default mode blocks ads and turns off 3rd party user tracking.
  • This allows Brave to load web pages significantly faster than Chrome. Below is a test video download speed between Brave, Chrome and Firefox.

  • Brave keeps track of the time it has saved to speed up web browsing (thanks to ad blocking), this number has appeared since you started browsing, Google doesn't have this feature.


Win: Brave


  • Brave ad blocking by default (to block ads on Chrome, you need to install 3rd party extensions like AdBlock).
  • Brave blocks third-party tracking default .
    • On Chrome, large advertisers like Google and Facebook use 3rd party cookies to track your browser on nearly every website.
    • By blocking 3rd party cookies, Brave limits the amount of data Facebook, Google and other ad networks can collect about your browsing habits.
  • Brave stores all your browsing data locally on your computer, which means you can delete it at any time.
  • Brave supports the Tor browser (an anonymous browser), which makes Brave the first versatile browser to do so.

Win: Brave


  • Brave automatically encrypts your website connection when possible (on Chrome, this only happens with an extension like HTTPS everywhere).
  • Brave currently supports all Chrome extensions, including popular password managers like LastPass and 1Password.

Win: Brave

Disadvantages of Brave

  • Occasionally, Brave blocks a part of the site that you want display.
  • When this happens, an easy way to handle the main click Brave symbol (lion figure), at the card Shields, you correct the word Up city Down .
  • Since Brave's latest update, this rarely appears (maybe once per week).
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Some information

  • Brave's speed alone is enough for you to decide to switch from Chrome to Brave. In addition to the advantages of speed, Brave also protects the privacy of users in a maximum way.
  • Not surprisingly, the number of Brave users has skyrocketed from 1 million to 4.6 million in 2018.

brave-vs-chrome-trinh-duyet-nao-tot-hon-4 "srcset =" -Oct-2018.png? W = 910 & ssl = 1 910w, resize = 300% 2C243 & ssl = 1 300w, = 1 768w, 696w, https : // resize = 519% 2C420 & ssl = 1 519w "sizes =" (max- width: 696px) 100vw, 696px
Statistics of Brave users in the period 2016-2018

Summary, Brave is a browser that owns almost every feature of Chrome, but also excels at high performance, fast web surfing speed, good ad blocking capability, does not take up a lot of CPU, RAM, security rights private … Perhaps it is only inferior to Chrome at the interface is not as polished. This is a perfect choice when you want to replace Chrome. Download and install the link below:

Download Brave browser now


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