the truck goes backwards

Brake failure, the truck driver recklessly went back 3 km on the highway

The truck that had lost its brakes went back more than 3 km on the highway in the worry of countless pedestrians.

The incident happened on the Jalna – Sillod highway in India. It is known that the driver was unable to take first or second gear because the truck needed to stand still to get that number. So he recklessly sent the truck back on the road until he found a way to stop the car. Fortunately for the truck, some motorbikes on the road realized the dire situation at that time. They shouted warnings to other vehicles on the way about the losing truck going back.

The truck went backwards on a high-traffic highway

In the absence of brakes and having to dodge many oncoming vehicles, this is a very dangerous job for a truck driver. Furthermore, the large truck carries a lot of cargo, so the acceleration is very high. In addition, large truck tires roll more easily than small tires. Therefore, the speed of the truck in the post did not decrease when reversing on the road. Fortunately, when the driver saw a large field, he turned in that direction. The rough ground helped the truck slow down and it finally stopped.

the truck goes backwards

Some motorcyclists help truck drivers to warn pedestrians

Brake failure is one of the most dangerous situations a driver can face while driving. However, there are a few ways you can stop your car. If you are in a slow speed situation, continuous braking can help. Then go to 1, this will help reduce the gearshift speed through engine inertia.

Remember not to touch the accelerator pedal as that will increase the engine revs while you need to stop. Gently pulling on the handbrake can slow down the rear wheel of the vehicle. You can also walk close to the side of the road to increase friction on the tire, when the friction is large enough, the car will stop.

The truck stopped in the field

The truck stopped on an empty field

If you are going fast, for example on a highway, start gears to slow down. Then, when you have almost fully slowed down, use a gentle hand brake to slow down even more. Remember not to use the handbrake when you are traveling fast as this will lock the rear wheels and the vehicle will start to slip and lose control. When the vehicle has slowed down enough, turn off the engine when the clutch is inactive and the car will slow down slowly because of engine inertia. Here are some things you can try in a sudden brake loss.


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