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Brain Puzzle answers level 1 – 100 (updated continuously)

Recently, a lot of illicit puzzle-solving games have emerged, most notably Brain Out which many people spend a lot of time solving the most “difficult” puzzles in the game.

Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge is also a puzzle game like that, although the difficulty is somewhat softer than Brain Out but equally complicated. You will have to solve puzzles that do not follow any rules at all. If “know” too, you can refer to the Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge solution below this article.

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Brain Puzzle solution: IQ Challenge level 1 – 100

Note that the order of sentences in Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge will probably be changed, so I have written questions with answers for readers to find.

Level 1: Which is the biggest – Watermelon Fruit

Dap an brain puzzle

Level 2: The chicken comes first or the egg first – Break the egg to show the Dinosaur.

brain puzzle answers

Level 3: Can you help it (the duck) take its head down – Hold and pull the head down.

how to brain puzzle

Level 4: Do you want to live on Mars? – Click No, then Yes.

brain puzzle solution

Level 5: Help Bob at the top of the mountain – Click and move the mountain below Bob’s feet.

brain puzzle level 5

Level 6: Catch everything – Move the pie and catch everything falling down to get a hamburger.

Level 7: Touch ANYWHERE to continue – Touch the word Anywhere.

brain puzzle lv 7

Level 8: Winter hasn’t come yet? Wake him up – Rub the squirrel several times to wake him up.

brain puzzle lv 8

Level 9: Find the brightest color on the screen – Click the white background is okay

Level 10: How to win a paper scissors – Move the stone into the paper so that it will cover the stone, then move the paper-wrapped stone into the scissors.

Level 11: Help the chicken cross the road – Move the road behind the chicken is okay

Level 12: Find See – Press and hold the box Find out and go down to the bottom to find strawberries.

Brain puzzle heart view

Level 13: Discover the gravity of the earth – Tap the tree many times to let the apple fall

Level 14: Make him more handsome for your date – Touch the bangs like in the picture below twice

Brain puzzle find

Level 15: Pudding Fluffy – Flick the cake over the cat.

brain puzzle cake giu

Level 16: What do you give this game to – Touch the F + first, then touch the points that appear behind it is okay (D-, C, B +).

brain puzzle level 10

Level 17: How big the universe is – I don’t know

Brain puzzle at all levels

Level 18: Don’t hit the duck – Hit his feet.

Brain puzzle game

Level 19: Bob King noses his nose – Swipe the tip of his nose to hit the target with a beer.

how to brain puzzle

Level 20: Choose the largest number among the 15, 67, 8, 99 – The answer is the number with the largest size you touch.

Level 21: Scare them and run away – Take the stick and move into each of the above items so they can fly away.

how to brain puzzle

Level 22: It’s going to rain, how can this guy not get his hair wet – Hold and move the hair off his head.

Level 23: Find Polar Bear – See the answer as in the picture below.

brain puzzle solving

Level 24: Is the internet heavy? – Take all the chicken feathers out of the chicken so it will be completely dry

brain puzzle solving

Level 25: 25 – Click on the blue square until there is only red color

brain puzzle solving

Level 26: Attach more eyes – Attach two eyes for chickens

Level 27: Scissors, Hammer, Bao? How to win a paper bag? – Turn over the map to show the squirrel, then move the squirrel to the paper so that it will feed the paper.

brain puzzle solving

Level 28: Find the same pictures – You just need to memorize and find the same images

Level 29: Help the old man win – Tap to play, then touch the old man with your finger and reach the finish line.

brain puzzle solving

Level 30: Make it smell better – Move the scissors down on the chicken.

Level 31: Come on, let’s pick – Wait for your finger in the middle of the nose or nostril and press it.

Level 32: I couldn’t find the pizza! – Just shake the tree to make the Pizza drop.

brain puzzle solving

Level 33: Jump to the end – Just click the donut to jump through all the cups of water is okay, just like you play a dinosaur when losing their life on Chrome browser.

Level 34: Plumbing fix – Install the plumbing as shown in the image, the last pipe on the right you should connect it to the gray water pipe.

brain puzzle solving

Level 35: Don’t touch anything – It’s true that you don’t touch anything, just leave it to the screen.

Level 36: The most radioactive fruit – Choose the banana.

Level 37: I weighed the front rather than the back damage. Who am I – Choose a polar bear

Level 38: This cat is too skinny – Throw all the things out, until there is a cake, then swipe up for the cat.

brain puzzle solving

Level 39: Click on the center of the map? – Click on the middle of the word MAP.

brain puzzle solving

Level 40: Jump over the moon – Just hold the strawberry fly over the moon.

Level 41: Drop cherry – Just click the cherry on the cupcake, no need to drop in the middle.

Level 42: Find the treasure map – Break the egg by putting a stone in it to get a map.

brain puzzle solving

Level 43: Step on it – Step on the scroll

Level 44: Can you pick on the oldest thing – Pick your finger into the nose, see the dinosaur then click on it.

brain puzzle solving

Level 45: This cat is too thin – Feed him watermelons, apples, bananas and pie, and puke and poop will be left behind.

Level 46: I lost the pizza again … – Move your finger and pull the chicken feathers until you see the pizza, pull it out and click on it.

brain puzzle solution

Level 47: Nailed down all nails – Wait for the hammer to the right place, then click click nail, click enough 3 times to nail down is okay.

Level 48: Don’t crash into other cars – Click your finger on the blue car and control it so that it does not crash into other cars.

Level 49: Who are you? I don’t know, doctor go away! – Get the stick with the apple plugged in and go to the doctor.

Level 50: Wedding – Put a donut on your finger.

Level 51: Karate Chop – Wait for the black line to the red area on the bar.

Level 52: I am the type of person that comes with my skin. I often show my own feelings but on the other hand, I have high expectations that I can blend in with everyone. – Choose blue heart.

Level 53: Let’s pick 2 – Still waiting for your finger to enter the correct nostril and click.

Level 54: Do you like the previous question? – Touch yes.

Level 55: Find the happy bee – Touch the bee as shown below.

loi stage brain puzzle

Level 56: Click the best color – You can click any color

Level 57: Find Bob – Drag the three ducks to the left, you will see Bob appear, then click on him.

Level 58: The pipe is broken again – Rotate the water like in the picture below.

Dap an brain puzzle

Level 59: I used to be a psychologist, but got fired because I was a charlatan. Now I’m just a time traveler – Choose the X

Level 60: Prove you’re not a robot: What does this say – Choose me as a Robot

Level 61: Lift the barbell – Click repeatedly on the squirrel’s hand to lift the chestnut to the mouth.

Level 62: Jump to the end 2 – Click on the donut to jump over obstacles

Level 63: Do you have any good jokes – Select Yes

Level 64: Help the ghoul find the key – Click a few times on the dog food can, then give the dog food can to scoop it up. You will see the key there.

Level 65: Throw the wheel – Throw the wheel anywhere on the top.

Level 66: Facts about monkeys. A monkey who used to work as a conductor of many tons of train trains waited for thousands of people every day during the 8 years of the 1800s! – Choose Right.

Level 67: I try to make things a little better everyday. I am the type of moonlight who dreams. Friends say I’m handsome – Choose heart

Level 68: Give Bob the ice cream – Remove the ice cube from the ice cream so it will turn pink, then give it to Bob

Level 69: Remember – Memorize the times the animals run back and forth, then answer the question you see animals (usually dogs).

Level 70: Search! Find the fish! – Move the dot under the fish in the lower right corner.

Level 71: Step on it 2 – Continue stepping on the scroll but at a faster pace

Level 72: Attach more eyes – Attach more eyes to the squirrel and the green nose rust.

Level 73: Protect it from aliens – Move the piece of Pizza out, you will see a white hat, put on a hat for bald man under a UFO.

Level 74: Help him escape from prison – An apple wig is fine.

Level 75: Catch – When the match falls, click on the hand below is okay

Level 76: King Bob sniffs at 2 – Still throwing a rusty nose at the target, but this time it’s a moving target.

Level 77: Scare them away – Get the stick attached and move around.

Level 78: Find J – In row 3 on the right from the top you will see the letter j.

Level 79: Attach more eyes – Simply attach 2 more eyes to our characters.

Level 80: My name is Sal O’manella. I love BBQ, crossing the street, my mom, and the fuzz. – Choose Heart.

Level 81: Stop at house number 5 – Click Start to run lights through each house, when to house number 5, click Stop.

Level 82: Put them where you belong – Put the tomatoes under the saucer and cats into the box.

Level 83: Kill the tomatoes – Click to get the mint to touch the tomatoes, remember to avoid the pile.

Level 84: Fruit with DNA genetically linked to humans – Banana

Level 85: Give a piece – Move a finger in the middle of the three rocks to the right, you will see a carrot, click on it to feed the chicken.

Level 86: Find similar images 2 – Find similar images only.

Level 87: Monkeys – A horse-riding monkey won many horse races until it was discovered and permanently kicked out of the sport.

Level 88: Search: Type the heads of the brothers – Move the circle down you will see the text Do not type in the brothers with hats, below are two men without hats, move the circle to those two and press on them.

Level 89: Drop the cherry down 2 – Still dropping the cherry onto the cupcake only.

Level 90: Looking for someone who doesn’t come to me just because of money and talent can’t poke me in the spot – Pick the X

Level 91: Lift the barbell – Still click multiple times on the squirrel’s hand so that it lifts the can into the mouth.

Level 92: Tap 10 – Click with two fingers or hand on the screen.

Level 93: Count the stars, there are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe. Your job is from 9 to 5 hours, 5 days a week … – The answer is number 5.

Level 94: Make it cooler – Click multiple times on the three fan switch buttons below, when the fan is fast, stop.

Level 95: Implant for her teeth – Wait for the teeth to position the old lady’s mouth then click to mount her teeth.

Level 96: Pull down his shirt – Click a few times to let him pull down his shirt to cover his belly.

Level 97: Tell me another joke – Touch the door repeatedly.

Level 98: Find Hidden Objects – Do as below picture

Brain puzzle game stage

Level 99: Karate chopping 2 – Wait until the red line then click to chop the watermelon.

Level 100: Step on it 3 – Still stepping on the scroll but at 3 times the speed of the first sentence.

Above is the Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge answer, if comparing Brain Out with Brain Puzzle, the question of Brain Puzzle IQ Challenge is somewhat simpler. And if you’ve ever played Brain Out, solving Brain Puzzle will be even simpler.


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