Brain Out answers, Brain Out all levels (constantly updated)

Brain Out answers, Brain Out all levels (constantly updated)

Brain Out is a puzzle game that challenges your intelligence. The game requires players to be able to think logically, reflexively and creatively to answer questions in the game. If you find it difficult to answer Brain Out’s questions, here are Brain Out’s answers for you.

Note: The position of the sentences can be changed, for example, question 5 on one device is the number 10 sentence on the other, but they do not change too far apart and the answer will not change.

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Video of Brain Out answer level 186-225

Brain Out answer video 83 first sentence

Brain Out 75 answer video – 185

Brain Out answer video – Find the Santa

Brain Out answer level 186 – 225

Level 186: Enter password – Zoom in on the image with the volume up key and you will know what the password is, then press decrease volume and just enter the password.

brain out level 186

Level 187: Help bunny eat carrots – This time, put all your heart into the path as in the picture below, then let the rabbit through is okay.

brain out new level

Level 188: Winning a boxing match – Put You on the head of the ruffled guy and click the icon as shown in the image below.

brain out level 186

Level 189: Looking for chicks – Chicks always in the title.

brain out new level

Level 190: Roast fish and feed the cat – You take the fish and put it on the fire for just 1 second, see it evaporate, quickly take to the left of the screen, the cat will appear and this time bring the fish to the mouth cats only.

brain out 190

Level 191: Find a =? – You do not need to solve, the Network Administrator has already protected you, the answer is 10.

brain out 191

Level 192: Press 1000 – Click the Click button and go right outside the button 1000.

Level 193: Parking – Leave the green car just outside and park it, remember not to touch the black line.

new brain out

Level 194: Light a candle – Zoom in the matchbox, remove the matchstick and tap on the sandpaper, then light the candle.

new brain out

Level 195: Monster Submission – Shrink the monster to its full size and put it in the boy’s pocket.

Level 196: Who is the smartest – Developer, he he.

Level 197: Make him smile happily – Take off his left sandal, then rub the ends of his feathers against his leg.

brain out level 197

Level 198: Open safe – Move the safe to the right and you will see a key behind the safe, put the key in the lock and swipe the safe door to the right to open the safe door.

Level 199: Calculate the result – The answer is 97 for two subtracted clocks.

Level 200: Big spin – Use your finger to spin so that the needle hits the gift box, then release.

brain out level 200

Level 201: The prisoners must win – Turn the back of the robot, click on the display to see what it will give you (1). Then choose the part of your hand (2) to win it is.

brain out level 201

Level 202: Fill the cup with water – Fill the match with a match, wipe it over the sandpaper so that it burns, light the candle, place the candle on the plate, and place the cup on the plate.

brain out level 202

Level 203: Take the toys out of the jar – Zoom out the doll with two fingers and turn your phone upside down so the doll is out of the bottle.

Level 204: Shout out loud “I’m most handsome” – Click Start> then speak into your phone mic I am most handsome When the timer counts down, make sure you speak near the mic> then press Confirm.

Level 205: Defeat the monster – Use an eraser in the lower right corner to remove the monster’s health bar

Level 206: Get there – Turn your phone upside down and tap to let the character go to your destination

Level 207: Enter answer 37×50 =? – A is the sign?

Level 208: Don’t press – Don’t touch any spot on your screen, just leave it on the screen.

Level 209: Repel the soul – Click the TV off button to the ghost disappear.

brain out level 225

Level 210: Throw the basketball – Tilt your phone slightly upward to let the ball float, then select the ball so that it rolls towards the basket and then tilt the phone backwards.

Level 211: Do not hit the bull’s eye – Use your finger to block the arrow.

Level 212: Put your foot on your shoulder – Put your foot on your shoulder in the title.

Level 213: Enhance vision – Swipe up on the green towel in the boy’s pocket, then wipe the glass on the glass.

brain out 225

Level 214: Prohibit talking – Press the volume down button of your phone.

Level 215: Enter the password to unlock the tablet – Insert the password in the tablet’s display screen as shown below.

brain out 225

Level 216: How to divide 3 apples with 6 people – Swap 3 for 6 to divide 6 apples for 3. You will see an increase in the number of people and an increase in the number of apples, now divide 3 apples per person.

Level 217: To scale to the left – Put the gorilla to the left scale.

Level 218: Find out 6 smileys – There will be an expressionless face like (-_-) swipe down the mouth of that expression to make it into a smiley face, then choose as shown.

dap an brain out level 225

Level 219: Collect coins – When you first enter the game screen, go back to the left side you will see a coin, collect it and then go back to the right to collect the rest of the coins, finally touch several times into the bag the character is wearing so it drops the last penny.

Level 220: Find 5 stars – There is a star in the girl’s hair and in a popcorn bag – 2 stars. To collect 5 stars, click the girl repeatedly and you will see the remaining 3 stars.

Level 221: How to avoid the onslaught of small monsters – Immediately minimize the screen image. You will see a cave under the tools, put your guy in the position as shown in the picture below, remember to take him to the rock and then let go of his hand so he automatically goes to the right position is to be.

brain out level 221

Level 222: Drive safely to the destination – Control the car with your fingers to avoid obstacles to the end is okay, this level depends entirely on your control skills.

Level 223: Finding chicks – Zoom out the screen, you will see the hen appears on the right, put the hen to hatch.

Level 224: How the boy won – Move her to the middle of the seesaw.

Level 225: Exit the room – Zoom in the curtain and you will see a password entry, enter 9342 to exit the room,

brain out lv 225

Answer Brain Out Noel

To have a new question Brain Out – Journey to find Santa. You need to update the latest Brain Out app to be able to receive the Christmas Out Brain question, then click on the level list section> Click open on Santa Claus Show

brain out santa claus

Level 1: Santa in the North Pole. How to get to the North Pole the fastest, put the girl on the map as in the picture below.

brain out noel

Level 2: Which road leads to Santa’s house – Rub your finger vertically in the position next to the line, there will be a second line appear and now you just need to touch in the middle Two straight lines are okay.

brain out christmas

Level 3: Enter the house to find Santa – Click multiple times on the tree in front of the house to let it fall out the key, then take the key to enter the door as shown below.

Level 4: Where did Santa go – Move the picture above the fireplace and you will see a letter from Santa. Click on it you will see the message content> click OK to save.

brain out santa clausbrain out christmas

Level 5: Find the Bell – Swipe down on Santa’s hand above the image, you will see a scissors, move the scissors to the gift box in the lower left corner.

answer brain out santa claus

Level 6: Find Reindeer – Putting the grass on the ground to the left of the pine, the reindeer will appear shortly after.

brain out christmas answer

Level 7: Pick up your Christmas hat – Cover your finger with the sun to prevent the ice from melting.

brain out christmas

Level 8: Crossing the snowy mountains – This level is a bit difficult, you can see the instruction video below.

the brain of the ong gia giang gia

Answers Brain Out Christmas Level 8

Level 9: Dangerous Santa Claus! Quickly rescue him – Swipe the lid of the honey box from left to right a few times, the lid will open and take the honey jar placed in front of the bear.

brain out christmasNew question brain out christmas

Level 10: Open your gift – Swipe the gift box in the bottom left corner according to the arrow shown in the image below

brain out christmas

Answers the latest Brain Out game

Dap an brainout

Level 1: The biggest one – choose the Watermelon fruit because it’s the biggest

how to solve brain out

Level 2: Count how many ducks – 9 Ducks

how to solve brain out level 185

Level 3: Who is the highest – choose the highest Sun

brain out level 5

Level 4: Find the different pieces of watermelon – Move the pieces of watermelon to find the difference pieces.

how to solve brain out

Level 5: Create a rectangle with unequal length and width – Move the square to the right of the screen to turn into a rectangle.

brain out level 10

Level 6: Count how many triangles below – There are 11 triangles

Dap an brain out 1-200

Level 7: Find the biggest bonfire – Put 4 fires together to form the biggest bonfire.

English letters most people like to hear

Level 8: What position is the car parked in? – Move the car out of the parking spot and you will find the number

brain out game award

Level 9: Rate the stars for this game – Rate 5 Stars or Full marks

game brain out

Level 10: Awakening Owl – Move the sun to disappear from the screen (on the edge, down the screen)

how to solve brain out

Level 11: Give answers 1 + 2 = 21, 2 + 3 = 36, 3 + 4 = 43 – Answer is 4 + 5 = 9

brain out level 12

Level 12: Click on fruit> hexagon> circle> rectangle – Do not click on pumpkins and potatoes, they are not fruits.

brain out level 13

Level 13: Win X-O – Hold two fingers in the horizontal row to fill in the letter O.

brain game stage out

Level 14: Find chicks – Shake one of the 3 chicks to find chicks

brain out results

Level 15: Find the darkest color – Click on the words “Find the darkest color”

instructions for playing brain out

Level 16: Count hair – There are 3 hairs

Dap an brain out

Level 17: Help the duck drink water – Move the duck to the left of the puddle

stage brain out

Level 18: Try something simple, set up the equation – Move underline 1 to below the question mark to become number 2

brain out level 19

Level 19: Which one can be eaten? – You can sort by the picture below

all ca anap brain brain out

Level 20: Help the bunny win – Use your fingers to hold the monkey and the horse, then press the Forward button to let the rabbit run to the finish line.

brain out level 20

Level 21: Find the Bride’s Ring – Open the dog food, feed it and it will “ring” the ring.

brain out level 21

Level 22: The English letters that most people like to listen to are: CDs

how to solve brain out

Level 23: Smoking is harmful to health – Click 3 times on the top of the cigarette to make it disappear

brain out level 23

Level 24: Count the coins in the piggy bank – Put 3 coins in the pig, then break the pig out and count the coins.

brain out level 24

Level 25: Hungry, find something to eat by yourself – Sort by the picture below

brainstorm brainstorming

Level 26: How many lines are divided into 8 parts – How many lines are needed – 1 line is needed to divide the circle into 8 equal parts

brain out level 26

Level 27: Counting Ants – Zoom in on the nest and count the ants

Level 28: Find the rules, write the answer – Two triangles + three letters O = answer is 9

Level 29: Click on the butterfly above the title – Move the text below the butterfly and click on it

brain out level 29

Level 30: Please turn on the fan – Touch the two ends of the red cord to be broken

brain out level 29

Level 31: Find the 8 animals in the picture – Touch the cloud and it will rain, there will be a worm coming out of the rock, then circle the animals according to the picture below.

brain game answers out

Level 32: Sleep Baby – Shake your phone to let baby sleep

Level 33: Girlfriend and mom in danger – Touch both mom’s and girlfriend’s hands to save the two. Whether in the abyss or drowning.

how to solve brain out

Level 34: Drive to the side of the sign – Move the big cloud to show the sun, the ice will melt and drive just away.

brain out level 33

Level 35: Feed the rabbits 1 – Move the carrots back to the rabbits

rabbits eat carrots brain out

Level 36: How can two people cross the river – Zoom in on the boat

brain out level 35

Level 37: 3 numbers add up to 12 – Click 6 once and 3 twice, then press Confirm.

brain out level 32

Level 38: Put everything in the box – Put everything in the box, including the title.

brain out level 37

Level 39: Smash the mouse – Grab the mouse and put it in the hammer

brain out level 38

Level 40: Rescue the deer out – Shake the phone to let the key fall from the red bucket, then put the key inside the nest to save the deer.

Level 41: Level 1 math question result (1 + 2 + 3 + 11 + 2 + 3 + 11 + 2 + 3 + 1) is 39

how to solve brain out

Level 42: Find the corresponding item (colored) – The result is as shown in the picture, the last one in a girl’s shirt.

brain out level 42

Level 43: Wake ZOZO – Open the door for ZOZO’s sister to enter.

brain out level 44

Level 44: If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3215, the answer is 5 = 1

brain out level 45

Level 45: Which cup will be full of water first – Move the cup No. 1 and choose the cup No. 4

brain out level 45

Level 46: There will be two different cases, if it is 308 then the answer is 909. And if it is 369, it will be 965.

Level 47: Find the inedible – Move the hive of chicken egg incubator and select it.

brain out level 46

Level 48: Find how to attract girls – Give your sister’s bag to TOM

brain out level 47

Level 49: Find aliens – Move the flying saucer to the rock on the left and you will find Alien

brain out level 50

Level 50: The Up and Down arrows are in the wrong direction – Rotate your phone so the Up and Down arrows become the right direction.

Level 51: How many bags of potatoes are below – Move the potato packs on the screen, you will see the potato packs hidden behind, now count all and fill in the number of potato packages.

brain out level 48

Level 52: Find pandas as shown in the picture

dap an brain out tat ca lv

Level 53: Perfectionists can’t stand it – Rub and rub the red ink at the edge of the well to remove it.

brain out level 49

Level 54: Click the orange picture 3 times, click the blue 5 times – Click the orange picture three times, then click the blue picture 3 times, this time the blue picture will turn orange. Wait for a while to set it to green and then click twice to get it in.

brain out level 51

Level 55: How to achieve your dreams – Rub the magic lamp to show the genie, then touch the discolored book next to the genie’s head as shown below.

Answers are all brain level out

Level 56: Which image has the most edges – Select the purple circle, it has the most edges.

brain out level 52

Level 57: Check the picture below to guess the number – The answer is 91 between 8 and 56

brain out level 53

Level 58: Finding a photo – Hold a finger on the letter and then turn your phone horizontally to let the photo fall out

Level 59: Waking up the Pig – Move the butterfly out of the pig’s head, press and hold the pig’s nose until the pig wakes up.

brain out level 54

Level 60: Successful dating – Tap the dog repeatedly to let him turn his ass.

brain out level 55

Level 61: Number 8 below the picture.

dap an brain out all lv

Level 62: If the question is What color the most then choose white, if the question is look green mix blue and yellow to make green.

brain out level 56

Level 63: Find hexagons – Sort as below is hexagon.

brainstorm brainstorming

Level 64: The letter after AEBFC is the letter G

brain out level 57

Level 65: If the question is E = F, delete the bottom stroke of the letter E by repeatedly clicking on the stroke so that E turns into F.

If the question is Make full use of – darts, then you should be extraordinary, do not let the darts are too close to each other.

Answer question 65 brain out

Level 66: What time is an hour later – 1 hour later, the hands are only 9 o’clock because it’s just a picture, the clock won’t work

brain out level 58

Level 67: Hold and drag Erase out, then move the stacked chicks and count as below.

brain out level 60

Level 68: If it is comforting the dog – Gently touch and rub the dog for comfort, if it is to warm ZOZO, you can do the same to warm ZOZO.

stage brain out

Level 69: Get the stars – Shake your phone to stun, Rabbit, Fox and Chicken

Level 70: Follow the picture below, make the number 1 out of zero and add the minus sign.

latest brain out answer

Level 71: Collect chicks and throw them in a corner, then drag in all directions at the screen to pull the chicks in and choose the chicks.

Dap an moi brain out

Level 72: The sum of the 3 largest numbers below – The answer is 24.

Find chicks brain out

Level 73: Help the rabbit eat carrots 2 – Drag the words Eat carrots again Go down to the bridge, then let the rabbit through

brain out puzzle

Level 74: Guess the password through the door => the answer is 70773

Level 75: Lonely elephant – Click and hold the elephant, then tap Copy to get a second elephant

Level 76: Turn on light bulb 4 – Press start, then wait for the light on the fourth light bulb, then click stop

Level 77: Calculate an answer with two numbers based on the picture (15, 4, 10) => The answer is 58

Level 78: Cat’s claws most similar to kittens – Touch the hand of the cat holding the gold coin

Level 79: Create the equation – Touch the green number 3, you will be given a further 3, rotate the number 3 to 8.

Level 80: Help the chicken pass the maze to the word Door – Move the chicken to the word Door by going round down, don’t go into the maze.

Level 81: Help Zoe drink orange juice – Move the bottom of the cup to Zoe’s mouth

Level 82: Puzzle with frames – Answers are as shown in the picture.

New answer brain out

Level 83: Move the wooden table and choose two different points as shown in the picture.

reply an email brainout

Level 84: How many holes are pants – Pants or shorts are 9 holes too.

Level 85: 10 watermelon fruit shots – The answer is 1024 pieces

Level 86: Catch the mouse – Move the log to the bonfire> put the firewood on the right end of the pipe> big smoke shows up the top of the left pipe> touch and hold the big smoke so it appears at the top of the right tube> mouse run out.

Level 87: How to get past this door – Move the mouse on the image so that the cursor on the word Back door, then click the left mouse button on the image.

Level 88: Enter the smallest number – Raise the leftmost hyphen to make the minus sign, then enter 3 digits 9 in the back (-999).

Level 89: If it’s a sentence Find the biggest picture, please touch the rectangle containing the shapes as below. If the sentence 20 darts, please enlarge the beer and slowly dart into the beer offline, remember not to dart overlap, dart screen will be a bit more difficult there.

answer the latest brainstorming questions

Level 90: Hide the electronic device from the mama – Touch and hold on the electronic device for a while.

Level 91: Puzzle by number below.

Search for the latest brainstorming question

Level 92: Click in order – Remember the required number of questions, then touch in order, finally touch the 33 in the question.

Level 93: How to Eat the Cake – Remove the longest bar on the right, then let the girl fall down on the cake.

Level 94: When Ta Zuo is 6 years old, Lu Lo’s age is twice that of Ta Zeng, now he is 10 years old, he is 16 years old – Lo Lo’s age is 16 years old.

Level 95: Win X-O – Move the letter O in the word Friend down the vertical or horizontal line and fill in the missing O.

Level 96: Lunch time, turn the noodles down – Put the noodles into the bowl, pour boiling water in and touch the noodles for a while so that the noodles are done.

Level 97: Sort as shown below.

the most recent brainstorming question

Level 98: If CDE = EDF – The answer is EFH = HFI

Level 99: Here is the panda

New answer brainout

Level 100: Help the bat sleep – Turn on the screen rotation lock feature and turn your phone upside down, wait a while for the bat to sleep.

Level 101: Combine the largest number – Click two zeros into infinity and press confirm

Level 102: Find the biggest number – Move two matches number 308, the largest number will be 31181

Level 103: I want to go to sleep, please turn off the light – Turn off the light by turning your phone face down.

Level 104: Smashing the obnoxious fly – One hand holds any point on the screen, the other press and hold on the fly until it is crushed.

Level 105: Finding the cheapest stuff – The gaming console is the cheapest

Level 106: Rescue mother and girlfriend 2 – Shake your phone to wake the character, so both are saved.

Level 107: Add a stroke to set the equation 5 + 5 + 5 = 550 – The answer is 5 + 545 = 550, write a stroke to + sign into the number 4.

Level 108: Click the fruit from left to right then select hexagon> square> rhombus – Touch the fruit fourth from left to right, then tap once on the hexagon, then double click on the shape That’s fine If you have a potato or pumpkin, don’t touch it, only the fruit.

Level 109: Help Jack drink orange juice – Hold the bottle of orange juice then shake your phone, shake a little then give Jack to drink. No sign of opening the bottle, just give it to Jack to drink.

Level 110: What wish do you want to achieve – Touch three fingers with all three wishes.

Level 111: Find the menu – There is a fuzzy menu text near the bottom right corner, find it and touch it. If not, then increase the screen brightness.

Level 112: Open the box lid – One finger holds the box, one finger lifts the cover

Level 113: If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3215, the answer is 5 = 43215

Level 114: Find differences between two cakes – There are 8 differences between the two cakes

Level 115: Click the blue 10 times> click the red one time – Click the blue box 11 times, the red box 1 time

Level 116: How to balance the scale – Removing all items from the scale is an automatic balancing

Level 117: Count hair – Turn the character back, the answer is 38 hairs

Level 118: Calculate what the last question is – A cat + 1 cat hand + 1 cat face => the answer is 14

Level 119: Help 2-year-old Tyke light a birthday cake candle – Put the flame on the middle candle, when it is lit then tilt your phone to set the 2nd candle.

Level 120: Find the mother chickens 2 – Use two fingers to shrink the chicks as a thumbnail, the chicken will appear immediately, followed by selecting the chicken.

Level 121: If you drive the car over the bridge, touch the car to stop, then click next to the car to drive across the bridge. And if it is for the duck drinks water, you cover the sun with the biggest cloud, the rain falls in the water, and you only need to give it to the duck to drink.

Level 122: What is the temperature of your body – Touch the bottom of the thermometer, how much the thermometer will increase, usually (96.8 degrees).

Level 123: Mix two colors in test tubes together – Hold your finger on the test tube and shake the phone so they turn purple.

Level 124: Put the deer in the fridge magic – Zoom in the fridge and throw the deer into it.

Level 125: Help me turn off the power – Swipe down repeatedly on the light bulb to let the light bulb go down.

Level 126: From 1 to 199 how many numbers 1 – There are a total of 140 numbers 1

Level 127: Feed the rabbits 3 – Give the rabbit a heart in the right corner, the rabbit will grow up and you should move the rabbit to the end of the bridge then click Skip (Jump) in the lower right corner to let the rabbit jump over and eat carrots.

Level 128: Lost 26 letters ET – 21 letters left

Level 129: Turn on 2 light bulbs – Remove the 3rd light bulb on the right from the screen and press the left button.

Level 130: One candle is 50cm high and can burn for 3 hours, another tree is 70cm high, burns for 6 hours – The answer is 6 hours for 2 candles to be the same height

Level 131: If 5 + 3 = 28, 9 + 1 = 810, 8 + 6 = 214, 5 + 4 = 19, the answer is 7 + 3 = 410

Level 132: Cut baby’s hair – Turn on the screen rotate switch, then gently shake your phone to let baby sleep, baby sleep then you get hair trimmer for baby.

Level 133: Open the celebratory champagne bottle – Shake your phone, then click on the champagne bottle cap.

Level 134: Draw the final answer – Strawberry + Grape + Eggplant is 20

Level 135: Turn on a few switches to get water – The answer is in the picture below

Dap an brain out from 1 to 200

Level 136: Find the wolf in the sheep – Use a finger to bring the piece of meat to the faces of the sheep, the wolf will change its face. At that time, use another finger to peel off the outer layer of its artificial skin.

Level 137: Time to nap, babies need to wake up to drink milk – Turn clockwise until they wake up to drink milk.

Level 138: Giúp chong chóng quay nhanh – Chạm vào chong chóng và lắc điện thoại của bạn, nhớ lắc thật mạnh.

Level 139: Tìm hình trái tim – Ghép hai hình màu đỏ vào nhau để được hình trái tim

dap an brainout moi nhat

Level 140: Bây giờ là mấy giờ – Ghi giờ hiện tại trên điện thoại của bạn vào

Level 141: Đừng lật hòn đá ra, có những điều khủng khiếp – Dùng ba ngón tay chạm vào hòn đá.

Level 142: Di chuyển tam giác lớn nhất ra khỏi hình, đáp án là 7 tam giác.

brain out

Level 143: Mèo câu cá – Lắc điện thoại của bạn, thấy móc câu ra khỏi mặt nước hãy nhanh tay lấy con sâu móc vào cần, thả móc câu xuống nước và bạn lại lắc lần nữa.

Level 144: Tìm giày trượt tuyết của ZOZO – Xoay móc quần áo gắn vào đế giầy, sau đó bỏ chôn cốc màu nâu làm phần cổ giầy. Bạn có thể xoay các bộ phần bằng hai ngón tay như xoay bức ảnh vậy.

đáp án brain out chính xác nhất

Level 145: Giúp Zozo tìm quà sinh nhật 16 tuổi – Đáp án là 20030816 ghi xong bạn bấm dấu V để mở két.

Level 146: Giúp Mark thoát khỏi căn phòng bí mật – Vặn bóng đèn ra bằng cách vuốt xuống, phòng tối rồi bạn hãy bấm liên tục vào Thoát cho đầy thanh màu vàng ở trên để Mark thoát ra ngoài.

Level 147: Bát Giới bị yêu quái bắt – Lắc yêu quái đang giữ Bát giới, vòng kim cô sẽ rơi ra, đeo vòng kim cô cho con khỉ đang ngồi trên ghế và nó sẽ trở thành Tôn Ngộ Không, sau đó lấy chân ghế và đeo cho Ngộ Không, xong đời yêu quái.

Level 148: Tìm theo hướng dẫn như ở dưới hình

tra loi brain out moi nhat

Level 149: Hái trái cây – Xếp 4 thanh gỗ làm bậc thang lên cây, sau đó gắn hai cuộn dây thừng vào bậc thang là xong.

Level 150: Thiết lập phương trình với (11, 13, 15, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9) > Xoay số 9 thành số 6, sau đó kích lần lượt vào số 11 và số 13

Level 151: Tìm bóng bàn – Với hai lần chơi đầu sẽ khá dễ vì tốc độ chỉ có x1 và x2. Đối với tốc độ x10 bạn hãy chà xát số 0 để nó biến mất và nó sẽ về tốc độ x1, sau đó bấm bắt đầu.

Level 152: Bỏ cái nào – Vẽ một đường thẳng ở tay cầm thùng vàng sang tay cầm thùng đồ bên cạnh là được.

Level 153: Bà cụ có 7 người con trai, mỗi người con trái có 1 người em gái > đáp án là số 8

Level 154: Bắt kẻ trộm – Kéo cái xẻng ở thân cây ra gần góc bên trái màn hình để tạo một cái lỗ, sau đó kéo đống rơm màu vàng vào để tạo bẫy. Nhớ làm thật nhanh trước khi kẻ trộm kịp chạy đến đấy nhé.

Level 155: Cứu quả trứng – Một tay giữ tạ, một tay kéo quả trứng ra, làm nhanh nhé.

Level 156: Giúp chó con chiến thắng – Đổi vị trí để chú chó sang ngồi ngựa trắng là được.

Level 157: Làm cây kem – Đầu tiên, dùng hai ngón tay của bạn di chuyển cả phần khung hình máy kem sang bên trái, sau đó bạn sẽ thấy ổ cắm điện, di chuyển ổ cắm điện vào phích cắm.

Máy làm kem sẽ bật đèn xanh ngay sau đó, giờ bạn hãy bỏ phần ốc quế vào dưới ống ra kem, bỏ đá và sữa vào là thành que kem, còn cục màu nâu kia không liên quan gì đâu nhé.

dap an brain out level

Level 158: Thổi tắt 2 cây, hỏi còn bao nhiêu cây – Thổi tắt 2 cây thì còn lại 2 cây, mấy cây kia không bị thổi tắt cháy hết rồi còn đâu.

Level 159: Bảo vệ tên lửa, giữ nguyên 15 giây – Bỏ chữ Bảo vệ vào tên lửa, sẽ có vòng bảo vệ tên lửa sau đó.

Level 160: Bắt ruồi – Bỏ cặp kính con chó đang đeo cho cô gái, ruồi sẽ xuất hiện gần đống phân, bạn hãy bấm vào con ruồi.

Level 161: Nhặt tờ tiền nào – Gom tất cả các tờ tiền lại với nhau bằng cách giữ một tờ và quét qua những tờ còn lại.

Level 162: Bắt tất cả chim – Bấm vào túi quần nhân vật, một chiếc smartphone sẽ hiện ra, giờ bạn hãy cho nhân vật của mình cầm chiếc smartphone đó.

Level 163: Sạc điện thoại – Sạc chính chiếc điện thoại mà bạn đang cầm là xong.

Level 164: Hai số nào kết hợp thành số 8 – Nhấp hai lần vào số 0, kết hợp chứ không phải cộng nhé.

Level 165: Làm thế nào để chó không ăn xúc xích – Vứt xúc xích cho người dắt chó ăn.

Level 166: Ném đổ tất cả trái bóng – Phóng to quả bóng Bowling ra và ném thôi.

Level 167: Tìm quả bóng bàn – Nhấp vào dấu chấm giữa Lv.167

Level 168: Có bao nhiêu hình tam giác – Đáp án là 14 hình tam giác.

đáp án brain out level 185

Level 169: Cấm hút thuốc: Nhấp vào túi quần bên trái của nhân vật, rơi ra cái zippo rồi bạn hãy nhấp vài lần vào điều thuốc.

Level 170: Con khỉ hái 2 củ cà rốt trên cây mất 1 phút, 10 phút hái được mấy củ > đáp án là 0, cà rốt có trồng trên cây đâu.

Level 171: Tắm cho mèo: Làm thật nhanh, cho bình xà phòng màu vàng vào chậu, cho mèo vào tắm, dịch chuyển chiếc ghế để lấy con cá ra và cho vào chậu.

Level 172: Tìm ra cửa vào kim tự tháp > nhấp vào chữ “Cửa vào” ở câu hỏi.

Level 173: Vắt sữa: Cho cái xô đỏ vài lần vào bụng bò bố, để nó đạp khi nào bò con khóc thì bò mẹ đi ra. Lúc đó lấy xô đặt dưới bụng bò mẹ là xong.

Level 174: Đổ đầy nước vào thùng: Cho cái xô thủng vào lu thủy tinh, sau đó đặt lu dưới vòi nước.

Level 175: Điền một số giống nhau thành 500 > đáp án là số 4

Level 176: Chia chiếc bánh thành 8 miếng, cần ít nhất bao nhiêu đường – Đáp án là 3 đường để chia chiếc bánh thành 8 miếng.

Level 177: Tiêu diệt quái vật – Phóng to giọt nước ra như phóng to một bức ảnh là được

Level 178: Làm cho lá bài biến mất: Nhấn và giữ khi các lá bài úp xuống, sau đó di ngón tay đến các lá bài để chúng bay ra khỏi màn hình là được.

Level 179: Nối 5 cái là bạn thắng. Đến lượt bạn rồi: Nhấn O liên tục thành hàng 5 để thắng, đừng có chờ nó đánh X.

Level 180: Cứu gà con: Nhấn và đưa gà con lọt qua khung sắt to nhất là được.

Level 181: Gắp thú: Mở nắp công tắc máy ở ngoài cùng bên phải ra, bật nó lên, sau đó nhét đồng vàng vào khe ở giữa. Nhấn phím mũi tên màu xanh bên phải để cần gắp thú sang dần bên phía đầu con thú và bấm nút màu vàng.

Level 182: Vào 3 quả: Hai bàn thắng đầu có vẻ dễ, bàn thứ ba kiểu gì thủ môn cũng sẽ chặn lại được. Lúc thủ môn chặn được bóng bạn hãy bấm liên tục vào đồng xu màu vàng, đồng thời cũng giữ và di chuyển quả bóng thủ môn chụp được để chuyển vào gôn.

Level 183: Phán đoán to nhỏ: Nếu bạn không phải là một người có khả năng tính quá nhanh thì hãy chọn đáp án theo: Trái – Phải – Trái – Trái – Phải.

Level 184: Hơi khát, muốn uống chút nước: Dùng hai ngón tay nghiêng bình siêu tốc sao cho nó đổ đầy cốc nước là được.

Level 185: Đỗ xe: Di chuyển chiếc xe sang hết màn hình bên phải, bạn sẽ thấy 3 chỗ đậu xe trống, tha hồ mà đậu.


Trên đây là tất cả đáp án của Brain Out, nên nhớ là nếu câu nào quá khó mới tìm đến đáp án. Còn không hãy suy nghĩ và để não của bạn tìm ra đáp án nhé. Sẽ còn thêm những câu đố hấp dẫn và thú vị mà nhà phát hành game sẽ đưa vào Brain Out cho chúng ta trong thời gian sắp tới.


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