Bphone 3 gradually launched the Myanmar market

Along with the prime time of the most popular TV channels in Myanmar, the possibility of Bphone being distributed via Myanmar’s third largest network operator Mytel is even more pronounced.

On June 26, on the fanpage of Mytel with nearly 1.4 million members, Myanmar’s mobile joint venture with the largest shareholder, Viettel, announced the lucky draw on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of the service provision. service. The prize is 30 high-end Bphone 3 of Vietnam. This can be considered as a closer approach to consumers because before, Bphone’s image had only appeared in Mytel’s new promotional video clip.

Screen capture of the 30 Bphone 3 lucky draw for subscribers of the third largest operator Myanmar Mytel.

Although the draw attracted attention, most Burmese do not know what Bphone is like. Many comments ask which phone is Bphone from? I have never seen Bphone before. This is understandable because Bphone has not officially entered the Myanmar market.

Previously, in response to the press, Bkav media representative confirmed that the company had been promoting Myanmar market since early 2019. Recent moves have shown that Bphone can cooperate with Mytel network to distribute in the market. this. In Vietnam, Bphone’s subsidized distribution method has been implemented successfully with MobiFone.

Video introduces Bphone 3 in Myanmar.

Tuyen Quang
* Source: VnReview


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