Both the left and the right side "could not stand it" the Governor of New York Cuomo

Both the left and the right side “could not stand it” the Governor of New York Cuomo

The fact that Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State conceals the death toll from Wuhan pneumonia (COVID-19) in nursing homes continues to attract attention, this leading Democratic politician has been hit by both the political and the media. both left and right factions condemned and demanded resignation.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Image: Pat Arnow / Wikimedia)

According to Fox News on Feb. 17, the FBI and New York’s Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office have begun investigating the senior officials in the Cuomo administration responsible for the disease.

In January, New York State Attorney Letitia James released a report stating that it is possible the state counted 50% lower COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. In addition, the New York State Department of Health also allows patients in nursing homes infected with the virus after being discharged from hospital to return to nursing homes to continue living, which leads to mortality rates in nursing homes. old age in the state is growing taller, causing the virus to spread more and more widely.

According to the report, New York Department of Health Commissioner Howard Zucker recently released the last revised figures, as of Jan. 19, the number of people killed by COVID-19 in a New York state nursing home was 12,743 people. Just a day earlier, the New York Health Department publicly admitted that the number of deaths was only 8,711. As of February 15, a total of 13,432 people in nursing homes have died from COVID-19.

During an online conference on Feb. 11, Cuomo’s secretary Melissa DeRosa told state lawmakers she was hiding real data for trying to prevent “political action ” from the Trump administration. The President of the United States at that time, Trump, tweeted angrily that Cuomo “Kill people in nursing homes“, At the same time want to examine the responsibility of the Governor and the team in charge.

The nonprofit “Empire Center for Public Policy Research” on February 18 reported that from March 25 to early May 2020, the New York State Department of Health ordered the delivery of confirmed patients. The number of people with COVID-19 being admitted to nursing homes was 6,327, of which more than 1,000 deaths could be related to the indicator.

Indignation for hiding the number of people killed

After the scandal was uncovered, there was anger in both parties. On February 12, 14 Democratic Senators from New York state issued a joint statement calling for the abolition of Cuomo’s urgent authority over the COVID-19 epidemic. Democrat Antonio Delgado has called for an investigation into the Cuomo state government in charge.

New York State Republican President Nick Langworth called for the prosecution and impeachment of Cuomo, while Republican MP Jim Tedisco criticized Cuomo for completely betraying the trust of the people.

In the face of the accusations, Mr. Cuomo had committed acts of intimidation on his side. Three Democrats from New York State MPs told CNN last week they were threatened with retaliation for not publicly supporting Cuomo.

On February 11, Democratic congressman Kim Ron, who is of Korean descent in New York state whose loved one died in a nursing home, told CNN that Mr. Cuomo had called him to ask for help from Melissa DeRosa and spoke his defense for the Governor, otherwise it will affect his political career.

But Kim Ron then issued a statement in response, saying that on March 25 of last year Mr. Cuomo issued an administrative order requiring the transfer of 9 COVID-19 positive patients to a nursing home in New York. unprepared…., and his government lied about the death toll.

The younger brother was criticized for his defense on CNN

The person who made Mr. Cuomo “famous” is his famous brother Chris Cuomo who hosts CNN. During the pandemic, the collaboration of the two on CNN’s golden hour program attracted great interest.

But recently, Chris Cuomo was criticized by his colleagues for always avoiding talking about his brother’s scandal.

Mr. Chris Cuomo, the host of CNN (Photo: video screen capture)

Both the Washington Post and Fox News have criticized that Chris Cuomo’s prime time program has always considered itself “uphold the righteousness“, But when the Governor was praised, the cheers were frantically cheering; on the contrary, when entangled in a scandal, it is silent, which violates the basic morality of the communicator.

Can be re-appointed after three terms?

Fox News revealed that Congressman Zeldin, who was re-elected for four terms, is considered a potential Republican candidate for Governor of New York. He said in an interview with Fox News on Friday (February 19), “Republicans in the New York State Parliament are pushing for impeachment … If we want to save our state, Cuomo must go. “

Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas also told Fox News that even members like the most radical AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) of the Democratic Party and Baldwin (Alec Baldwin) have begun to track him down, this time. Mr. Cuomo was in big trouble.

Mr. Cuomo will face his reelection campaign next year, but now there are countless voices asking him to be impeached, fired, and resigned.

Governor Cuomo has a deep family background in New York, whose father spent three terms as governor of New York, in addition to having a high statewide support rate and owning $ 17 million in funds. run for office. Let’s wait and see if this scandal can shake Cuomo’s reappointment for his fourth term in New York.

Tieu Nhien, Vision Times

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