Boss Huawei: Any country that welcomes Huawei, we will actively invest in that country - VnReview

Boss Huawei: Any country that welcomes Huawei, we will actively invest in that country – VnReview

A boss Huawei recently shared that the company will invest heavily in any country if they are willing to welcome Huawei as a true friend.

This time period is an extremely important reagent for Huawei's operating capacity. In addition to early preparations for scenarios pressed by the US government, such as self-built operating systems, processor chips, and stock supply of components, Huawei has chosen to handle the crisis with battles. wise investment strategy.

In a recent interview with Mexico City, Huawei's global vice president of marketing, Andrew Wilamson said: "Huawei will invest heavily in countries where we are welcome."

According to Bloomberg news agency, He affirmed that the roadmap to commercialize 5G network worldwide will be a bit difficult if the US continues to keep the current sanctions. Wilamson shared: "Restricting competition in building 5G network infrastructure will cost the team a lot. The governments and companies around the world will have to deal with those costs before thinking about national security risks. "

Wilamson said it is still too early to tell whether recent incidents related to the company affect customers in Mexico. But he affirmed that the Q2 / 2019 business report will clarify everything.

In Europe, the position that Huawei has built for a long time has been shaken fiercely when many networks and stores in the UK and some European countries have stopped selling Huawei smartphones. The reason is that consumer sentiment has fluctuated strongly after Google stopped cooperating and releasing Android on Huawei's new smartphones in the coming time.

At the end of the interview, Williamson said that countries need a common network security standard to create consensus and equality for all technology companies. Williamson stressed that Huawei is willing to work closely with governments to address national security concerns.

In Mexico, Huawei is providing wireless networking technology to Red Compartida mobile network. The company is also cooperating with several carriers such as AT&T or America Movil SAB.

Last month, the Trump government issued a ban on restricting US companies to cooperate with Huawei after putting the company on the blacklist of the US Department of Commerce.

Shortly thereafter, important software and hardware companies such as Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, etc. all simultaneously "quit" with Huawei. This poses a serious threat to the 5G network deployment schedule worldwide because many components and processing chips on 5G network devices are imported from the United States.

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