Boredom accident, cycling enthusiasts in the US use a tree to suck the toilet to separate lanes with cars - Photo 1.

Boredom accident, cycling enthusiasts in the US use plants to suck the toilet to separate lanes with cars

"Transformer Dept" (roughly translated: Transformation Board) is a group of bike lovers based in New York City. They used the toilet plants to create a barrier for bicycle lanes at some points in the West Village, south of downtown Manhattan.

Spherical plants are installed in "mixed" areas, or places where cyclists must share pavements with cars, trucks, motorbikes and any other means allowed to travel on the road. New York City. The mixture area is very dangerous for cyclists, sometimes leading to death.

This year, a total of 15 cyclists had to die in New York City. And last year, that number was up to 10 people.

According to the video shared by Transformer Dept, cyclists and cars can be seen moving in separate lanes. Every car on the road is ready to wait for the bicycle to leave the lane before continuing to turn. Cyclists can move quickly and continuously, ensuring safety.

Fence of tree bikes smoking toilet

Boredom accident, cycling enthusiasts in the US use plants to suck the toilet to separate lanes with cars - Photo 3.

Post on Twitter of Transformation Dept

In 2015, Transformer Dept also carried out a similar action: installing traffic poles at intersections to encourage cars to turn around at a wider angle. It is known that this action has made the move more economical, but in the end, the traffic poles were also removed. In 2016, the group placed traffic poles along the bicycle lane fence, decorating them with sunflowers.

The mayor and presidential candidate Bill de Blasio promoted the Vision Zero plan to reduce the number of deaths due to cycling reduced to zero. The plan included adding bicycle protection lanes, speed bumps and camera at intersections in New York. In 2018, the city's Department of Transportation announced that it had added a 16-mile bicycle protection lane. After the protection barriers added a few miles to the bike lanes in 2019, this number increased to 20.9 miles.

However, activists argued that Vision Zero could not save bike riders' lives. On Tuesday, 1,000 cyclists participated in a protest to ask the city to offer more protection options. And the fence of the toilet tree seems to be a perfect solution.

"This is an easy way to protect cyclists and prevent drivers from colliding with them" – Transformation Dept shared on twitter. “A toilet sink set costs $ 4.99. How much is human life worth? "

“The status of cyclists dying this year is a meaningless tragedy on the roads. We share the same thoughts with relatives and friends of all victims, ”- quoted in the email of the mayor of Blasio.

“We will maintain the effort of Vision Zero to design a safer street, with more bike lanes in our growing network. Details of the bicycle safety plan we are working on will be announced later this month. ”

Source: vice

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