Bored by the cat forgetting dead animals back home, the Amazon engineer made the cat door under control by ... AI - Photo 2.

Bored by the cat forgetting dead animals home, Amazon engineers made cat doors to control with … AI

Machine learning is a great toy for every player who likes to scratch, can help solve the small problems in life that no commercial product can afford. For engineer Ben Hamm working in Amazon, the problem is how to prevent his "cute but dangerous" cat from returning home to the ill-fated "victims". in the middle of the night, he sometimes awoke and slept.

Hamm had an entertaining introduction to his product at Ignite Seattle, and you can watch the video he talked about below.

Amazon engineers prevent cats from forgetting dead animals home with AI

In short, in order to prevent Metric from "instinctively", Hamm attached an integrated AI (DeepLens of Amazon) camera with a control system controlled by an Arduino into the cat door located just below the main door. me

DeepLens cameras are loaded into Hamm's main computer vision algorithms. They will determine if Metric is going out or going in, and is there any excuse on the mouth. If the answer is "yes", this cat door will be closed for 15 minutes, and Hamm will receive a message reporting the situation. And yet, after the discovery, the system also sent a small donation – Hamm called it "blood money", or compensation money – to the National Audubon Society, an organization that protects birds that flood. Cats have an "assassination" hobby.

It is a simple solution, but a perfect example of the real life applications of AI. Hamm's product shows that just a little bit of intelligence can do a lot of things – even surpassing a complex, playful creature like cats.

Reference: TheVerge

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