Bored American, Chinese people racing to make Xiaomi, Huawei - VnReview

Bored American, Chinese people racing to make Xiaomi, Huawei – VnReview

Chinese workers say they find more opportunities to advance at domestic companies than American corporations.

Molly Liu left Beijing in 1990 to go to the United States to study for a master. After graduation, she worked hard at a US-based consulting firm. Sometime later, she was transferred to China to expand her market. Molly Liu works in Hong Kong as an advisor to businesses in Shanghai, Taipei, Beijing and Singapore.

However, Ben Zhang, her only son, had a completely different decision. Recently, he turned down a job offer from a Boeing subsidiary after obtaining a master's degree in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He returned to Beijing in 2018 and is currently managing Xiaomi's products. Zhang believes that Chinese technology companies can now give him the opportunity to advance at work similar to what his mother achieved when working with American companies.

Difficult to advance when working in US companies

According to the SCMP, the Zhang family's story is reflecting a new trend of finding a job in China. Previously, with the promise of high salaries, great benefits and advancement opportunities at work, American corporations often attracted many Chinese talents to work. However, Chinese technology companies are proving their attraction to workers.

Chinese workers say they seek more promotion opportunities at domestic companies. Image: SCMP.

"What I seek at a job is not just money. I want to improve myself and find more opportunities to grow at work," Zhang said. He said that he is working at the development team of Xiaomi smart products such as TV supporting Internet connection, lights, smart lock.

"In Boeing, about 2-3 years I will be developing a new product. However, here we are constantly offering new products for several months. They are also applied a lot in everyday life like use voice to control the TV or air conditioner, "Zhang added.

Besides, many Chinese people think that in American companies they are often limited to engineers, it is difficult to get to senior management.

Share with SCMP, a senior Chinese executive overseeing technology for a finance and insurance company, said he had led 20 engineers at one of Silicon Valley's largest technology companies.

"My job at the time was to optimize the performance of the product. However, for 3 years in China, I was promoted to head of the company's scientific department, leading over 1,000 people," he said. said.

American company is no longer a dream

According to a April survey on LinkedIn, more and more Chinese people want to find jobs like Zhang. In the list of the 25 most favorite employers in China compiled by LinkedIn, about 60% are domestic companies, including 13 Internet companies.

Top favorite names include Alibaba, Baidu, ByteDace and TikTok. Tesla came in sixth place, behind rival rival Nio from China. Meanwhile, Amazon is ranked 8.

Li Qiang, vice president of Zhaopin, one of China's largest online recruitment companies, said it was "the beginning of a new era".

"Currently, Chinese technology companies can completely bring workers to work environments that are not inferior to multinational corporations," Li said.

Huawei and Xiaomi are the most favorite companies. Image: SCMP.

In Zhaopin's survey at the end of 2018, 28% of Chinese university students said working at multinational corporations was their main career choice. This number has decreased compared to 33.6% in 2017.

According to the SCMPChinese students still prefer to work for multinational corporations than domestic technology companies. However, these businesses are showing increasing attraction, not inferior to those of the big US. In addition to compensation or benefits, they can also meet the well-being of employees' family members.

A recent Universum survey shows that Apple and Siemens are the two Western names that make up the top 10 employers for Chinese students in 2018. Meanwhile, this number is 4 in the year. 2017. Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant ranked first in this list. Xiaomi ranked second, while Apple ranked only 7.

"Every engineer wants to see the technology they develop can change the world someday. Chinese companies offer more opportunities for workers to create new products," Li said. Yan, head of Kuaishou's communications department, shared.

However, not all Chinese workers agree with this view. In particular, the online community has recently reacted violently to the "996" working culture in the field of technology. They must work regularly from 9am to 9pm and continue for 6 days a week.

According to Zing

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