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Border officials temporarily release people who illegally cross the border into the United States


According to information from immigration advocates, some families illegally crossing the border into the United States are being temporarily released by border patrol officers in Texas, which reverses policies aimed at bringing them returned to Mexico under the Trump Administration.

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It is not clear how far the situation has spread in areas along the border, where authorities recently routinely expelled migrants due to the Wuhan virus pandemic. The change in Mexico’s migration policy also added to the chaos after officials there opposed the handover of children, at least in the Rio Grande Valley region.

The New York Times reported on Saturday (February 6) that in recent days at least 1,000 immigrants have been allowed to reside in Texas and hundreds of others in California. US data shows that this country has more recognition 380,000 deportations on the southern border since Marchin which a person can be deported many times.

Grandmother Andrea Leiner, the medical support group’s strategic coordinator Global Response Management, said: “We are seeing people entering border cities Brownsville, this side of the United States. ” Her team has set up clinics in the city of Matamoros, Mexico, on the other side of the island Brownsville, which is home to the ramshackle tents of migrants trapped there.

Mr. Biden’s point of view

On Tuesday (Feb. 2), Mr. Joe Biden ordered a reconsideration and possibly deregulation of policies preventing illegal immigration at the border United States-Mexico. However, Mr. Biden has not officially revoked deportation provisions. Manager ACLU Center for Border Rights in Texas, Ms. Astrid Dominguez, commented that the lack of clarity by both the Mexican and US governments has caused this chaos.

Foreign Minister of the Biden Government, Mr. Antony Blinken said in a statement on Saturday (Feb. 6) that the United States is ending separation agreements set by former President Trump aimed at deterring citizens El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras apply for asylum in the US.

Mr. Blinken said: “To be clear, these actions do not mean that the US border is open.”

Child immigration status

Ms. Dominguez said: “If there are changes, they have not yet applied them consistently across the entire border area. ” Migrants in the Rio Grande Valley have told supporters that Mexican officials no longer accept families deported by the US.

However, the Mexican government said there has been no major change in policies and that it still accepts Central American migrants returning from the United States.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry has stated that it has made some adjustments in recent days, due to legal changes that give officials the power to make decisions on immigrant children. The ministry said: “It is normal to have adjustments at the local level, but that doesn’t mean that reality has changed or stopped.”

The US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said some accommodation facilities were operating at full capacity. CBP told Bloomberg News: “When long-term detention measures are not available, some immigrants will have to prepare to move, they will receive a Notice of Summons and be released in the US pending hearing. immigration ceiling. ”

New wave

Meanwhile, the masses of migrants waiting to be asked for asylum could soon enter a new wave. Two devastating storms in 2020 have deepened the despair of violence and poverty in Central America. In January, a caravan emigrating from Honduras had to stop in Guatemala.

Leiner said the news of emigrants released in the United States has spread rapidly to the tents in Matamoros, Mexico. Last week, amid rumors that it would all be set free in the United States when Mr. Biden enacted an executive order on immigration, the areas had as many as 1,000 people.

Many people in tents, which has relied on support from religious charities and NGOs, has been stuck there since 2019, when the administration of former President Trump began sending asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait for hearings.

Grandmother Cindy Andrade Johnson, concurrent deaconess A retired school teacher in Brownsville who is volunteering at camps said: “The migrants have been told that less than a quarter of a mile away, people are getting on the bus to meet their sponsors, and it’s heartbreaking.”

Crime gangs

He Walter Melendez come from the capital Tegucigalpa of the Honduras Has been in the camp with his wife and young daughter since October 2019. The 33-year-old man said people living in shabby facilities were disappointed after rumors they would be entering the US did not happen. Others no longer trust attorneys who promise that they will receive favorable treatment, and instead of waiting, they decided to try to cross illegally.

Mr. Walter added that some of the migrants who had previously left the camps to avoid becoming targets of local criminal gangs have now turned back in the hope of being allowed to cross the border soon.

In the face of signs of violence facing migrants, the Mexican government recently arrested dozens of police involved in the murder of 19 people in the state. Tamaulipas, where the city of Matamoros is located. At least 14 of the deaths identified were Guatemalan.

Migration advocates say they hope to be able to prioritize cases of blackmail, kidnapping and rape while they wait in Mexico.

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