Book: “Dr. House Story Thanh ”- The life of Mr. Tran Qui Thanh and the process of building Tan Hiep Phat

“Dr. house story Thanh is an interesting autobiography that caused “storm” and sold out with the first 100,000 copies when it was released on the occasion of Father’s Day and Vietnamese Family Day June 28, 2017.

The book is written about the turbulent life of businessman Tran Qui Thanh – “captain” of Tan Hiep Phat Group through the story of his daughter Tran Uyen Phuong, with specific and true stories to “naked” .

Without hiding anything, “The story of Dr. Thanh “is a complete journey from when Mr. Thanh was a boy” destroying villages “to his adulthood years, experiencing many ups and downs, stumbling on the road of life to build a brand with one hand Vietnamese hit Tan Hiep Phat. This entrepreneur’s story of entrepreneurship is really a great motivator for anyone who wants to be independent. In addition, the author also frankly mentioned the noisy events of the Tan Hiep Phat brand, giving the audience a new perspective of the insider.


As for those working in Marketing – Advertising, “Dr. House’s story. What perspectives does Thanh “bring? To answer this question, Brands Vietnam had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Diem Phuong – Creative Copywriter of April Advertising Company, about Phuong’s personal feelings about the book.

* “Dr. house story. Bar” it is clear that a book is written in the memoir genre, but memoir is not a new market topic. Does Phuong think people will still be curious and want to read this genre?

Yes, memoirs are not a new topic, but they are never old, especially the memories about the life and career of a successful businessman. In foreign countries such books are many, but perhaps in Vietnam are still rare. So I think, curiosity about life as a successful Vietnamese businessman is one of the factors that attract readers of this book.

* From the perspective of a person working in the field of media advertising, what does Phuong have after reading through the business story of Tan Hiep Phat brand?


Any advertiser is also interested in information about businesses and brands. For “Dr. House Story Thanh ”, the book brings a lot of information and knowledge about the process of forming and operating a business in the context before and after economic integration, from which to understand more about the lessons behind the success. a Vietnamese brand.

This is not only a book about the life of businessman Tran Qui Thanh, but also a brief history of the way to build up Tan Hiep Phat Group with successes and ups and downs. The book is not afraid to deal with sensitive issues, such as the brand crisis itself. There are many theories and different perspectives, from the press or ourselves. But with this book, we will certainly have one more perspective. That could be a completely different picture from the insiders themselves.

* There must be a lot of readers curious about how Thanh’s family responded to this event, as well as how they overcame. How does Phuong feel about this after reading the book?

I think no matter what happened, the crisis has left a lot of lessons for both insiders and outsiders. According to the details in the book, this was clearly an extremely difficult period for Mr. Thanh’s family. However, author Tran Uyen Phuong still affirmed, this was also the period when their family strength became the highest, to encourage and revive each other. It is the way the whole family calmly fixes each problem and perseverance has helped Tan Hiep Phat regain its form and continue the race as today.

Diem Phuong, April’s Creative Copywriter.

* In addition to the business story, “Dr. House Story Thanh ”also mentioned quite a lot about family relationships, as well as its influence on running a business. What does Phuong think about this?


Managing a family-oriented business or following an internationalization path always has different strengths and weaknesses. But through the book, we can see that Mr. Thanh’s family is well aware of their problems and chose the exact path they want to follow. From taking courses to solve internal conflicts, to constantly improving your skills, as well as working with many domestic and foreign experts to deal with important issues. . I appreciate this.

* In “Dr. House Story This bar ”, we can see a chapter written entirely about the personal relationships in the life of Mr. Thanh, according to Phuong, this is deliberate, unintentional or an intentional to draw the attention of the author. fake?

Society exists by connections between people and people. People call them relationships. And as a rule, relationships are one of the lessons in each person’s adult journey. So I think the author’s intentions here are pretty clear. That was the way she wanted to string the story of the “steel-hard” father she wanted to tell, without having to drag or create highlights.

This approach also helps us to feel more clearly about Mr. Thanh’s true personality – a more human and everyday image. Greek philosopher Democrite has said that a person’s personality sets their own destiny. Therefore, the exploitation of personality will help readers understand more about the character itself.

With Mr. Thanh, I am quite impressed when I read about his childhood stage. I believe that, if not in such special circumstances, there will not be a Mr. Tran Qui Thanh now.

* In addition to the ups and downs in Mr. Thanh’s life and relationships, the book describes quite a lot about the period of the country. Does this bring any value to Phuong?

It brings a lot of value, because 65 years of life is not a short period of time, especially when it is associated with the changes of the country, especially in economic terms. In particular, which attracts my attention especially is the pre- and post-opening process – the key period for domestic enterprises to exist before the massive entry into Vietnam. At this time, although still in its infancy, our businesses are still forced to cope with the big waves. So that after those waves pass, we know what are the rest, what are the people who continue to play the role of comparison with the great giants of the world. Like it or not, we still have to admit one thing, Tan Hiep Phat is such an enterprise. Therefore, I think this information will be a valuable resource to contribute to my personal data warehouse.

* As a successful businessman, Mr. Thanh has a lot of interesting life and business philosophies. Does Phuong have any interest in any of them?

I particularly like his philosophy of “nothing is impossible”. This statement is special in that when heard in different situations, it has completely different meanings. For example, listening to a conference or an oath ceremony would think that the people who said it were either very confident, and they were somewhat arrogant. However, if it was a sentence to speak for yourself during the most difficult times in life, it was clearly a fiery encouragement. Therefore, I think that if Mr. Thanh took this quote seriously, it must have had a rather interesting journey.

* According to Phuong, who should read this book?

I think the book will bring its own charm to each subject. Here it not only has stories about entrepreneurship and business, but also contains stories of life, family stories, young people’s dreams, and lessons Mr. Thanh has learned after being cornered. vigorously rebounded. As for me the most interesting point is the story of the opening period of the country, or for some others it will be interested in the crisis event. Thanh ”and curious about its impact on his family. Therefore, this book is suitable for many subjects.

* And finally, what is the point that Phuong enjoys most after reading the book?

There are two things that I really appreciate from this book. Firstly, through Mr. Thanh’s start-up story, the biggest lesson for me is the determination: to believe in yourself and try to reach your goals, nothing is impossible. Second is the value of the two words “family”, the strength of internal solidarity to stand up together and stand firm in the face of sudden storms.

* Thanks Phuong!

Luong Vy
Source: Brands Vietnam


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