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Boku no Hero Academia announces new trailer for arc “School Festival”!

Recently, the official website for the television anime series Boku no Hero Academia has announced a new video promo and key visual for the upcoming arc of the project. The video also introduces a new opening song called “Star Marker” by KANA-BOON. Arc will revolve around “School Festival”.

The first episode for the new arc will begin airing on January 25.

Ryokuƍshoku Shakai will perform the ending song “Shout Baby”.

This season was broadcast in Japan on October 12. The project will last for 25 episodes. As such, the series will cover episodes 64 through 88 of the series. This season is adapted from the manga from the Hero Intern arc starting from volume 14.

The first season of the anime consists of 13 episodes aired in April 2016 and then the second season with 25 episodes aired in April 2017. The third season also spanned the 25 episodes aired on April 2018.

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