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Boeing CEO will not receive incentives up to 'tens of millions of dollars'

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. Photo: AFP / TTXVN

Earlier, Boeing President Dave Calhoun said on November 5 that Muilenburg had asked not to receive any bonuses for 2019 or bonus shares until the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft was allowed to resume operations. Muilenburg also said he plans to make a "significant" contribution to a fund to support the families of 346 victims killed in the last two 737 MAX aircraft crashes.

Muilenburg received $ 23.4 million in compensation for 2018 and is facing criticism from US lawmakers for not reducing money of this kind right after an air-related accident. Flight 737 MAX of Lion Air in October 2018.

Mr. Muilenburg also expressed his desire to continue to assume the position of CEO of Boeing for 3 years if the company leadership believes. In addition, he said that Boeing will support the "long-standing" state reforms of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on authorization to authorize the operation of new aircraft for Boeing and other manufacturers. Several reports have criticized this process in the evaluation of the 737 MAX aircraft. In case of 737 MAX, 40% of the missions related to licensing this aircraft line are assigned to Boeing.

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