Boeing agreed to pay fines and compensate for two accidents

Boeing agreed to pay fines and compensate for two accidents

(News 24h) – Boeing aircraft manufacturer must pay a fine of 243 million USD and 1.77 billion USD in compensation to customers.

Reuters news agency on 7/1 quoted information from the US Justice Department said the settlement will include a fine of $ 243 million and $ 1.77 billion in compensation to customers.

Boeing agrees to respond and to the second of the accident
Boeing agreed to pay fines and compensations with the Justice Department, the victim’s family continued to sue.

In addition, a fund worth 500 million USD is also set up to compensate the heirs, relatives … of those who died in the accidents.

The criminal charges against Boeing in this investigation will be removed after three years if Boeing fully satisfies the US Department of Justice’s request to regularly report to the department’s fraud handling department, as well. as committed to coordinating all future investigations.

The prosecution’s accusation states that Boeing provided incomplete information to the US Aviation Administration (FAA) during the 737 MAX license process and attempted to conceal the violation.

Acting Assistant Attorney General David P. Burns said that the two 737 MAX crashes clearly show the fraud and deceitful behavior of an employee of one of the commercial aircraft manufacturers. top of the world.

“The crash tragedies of Flight 610 Lion Air and Flight 302 Ethiopian Airlines reveal the fraud and lies of the employees of one of the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturers” – Mr. Burns said, accusing Boeing employees of hiding FAA information about the operations of the 737 MAX aircraft and continuing to conceal this lie.

In a statement on the same day, Boeing CEO David Calhoun admitted the company’s mistakes and agreed to settle the case with a $ 2.5 billion fine as “satisfactory”.

In the five months from late 2018 to early 2019, two Boeing 737 MAX planes crashed in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing at least 346 people. International investigations determined both crashes involved the plane’s stabilization software bug.

The crashes not only left a series of 737 MAX planes lying on the ground and Boeing lost nearly $ 20 billion, but also affected America’s leading position in the aviation industry.

The US Congress in December 2020 passed a law that changed the way the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifies new aircraft.

Shortly thereafter, the lawyer of the family of the victims of the plane crash said they would continue to pursue a civil lawsuit against Boeing in Chicago, USA, despite the settlement agreement between this company and the US Department of Justice.

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