Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg testified before the Senate on October 29. Photo: AFP.

Boeing accused of manufacturing 'flying coffin'

AmericaMPs criticized Boeing CEO at the hearing, saying that the company knew the problem of 737 MAX but concealed the truth and built a "flying coffin".

"He told me half the truth many times. He didn't tell us the whole truth and many families were suffering because of that," Senator Tammy Duckworth told Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg during the hearing. ceiling of the Senate Commerce Committee on October 29 in Washington.

Duckworth said that Boeing knew about the insecurity of the Flight Control Enhancement System (MCAS) on the 737 MAX aircraft before the incident but did not provide enough information for the pilot. Senator Richard Blumenthal said that Boeing designed the "flying coffin".

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg testified before the Senate on October 29 in Washington. Image: AFP.

Boeing is facing the worst crisis in history, after two consecutive crashes by Ethiopian Airlines in March and Lion Air in Indonesia five months earlier. The two accidents are all related to the MCAS system, making the 737 MAX series banned from flying around the world for more than 7 months. Boeing suffered at least $ 8 billion in damage due to the crisis.

MCAS reads the angle of attack (the angle between the nose of the aircraft and airflow) of 737 MAX through the nose sensor. If the nose of the aircraft is tilted too high, MCAS will be activated to lower the head of the aircraft and avoid stalling (the phenomenon of air flow through the wings is not enough to create lift for the aircraft). However, investigators said the sensors may have provided false information about the angle of attack and the MCAS caused both aircraft to crash.

Muilenburg acknowledged the fault for failing to provide the pilot with more information about the MCAS, as well as taking months to reveal that they had created the pilot warning light when the data sent to the system did not match. However, this is an additional device, not an existing one. "We made mistakes. We are improving and learning," Muilenburg said.

Senator Jon Tester pointed out that Boeing has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) without the need for new warnings because it would be costly. "A disaster will not happen if the FAA does its job properly. And it will not happen if you know what the hell is going on," Tester said.

When a reporter asked Muilenburg if he was going to resign, Muilenburg replied: "That is not the focus of my attention. I am focusing on safety. We will do everything we can to ensure safe for flights ".

Nadia Milleron, who lost her daughter in an Ethiopian airline crash, said Boeing needed to be reformed. "Muilenburg must resign. The entire board has to resign," she said. "I hope he will stop blaming FAA and others because that's what they always do. They aren't responsible."

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