BMW’s 2022 model lineup unveiled in Europe!

BMW recently announced the 2022 model of as many as 13 models in Europe at the same time. Although it is not sure which models, color schemes and launch schedules will be introduced in Taiwan, BMW has adopted the color scheme of the 2022 model. It is different from the previous dark-colored paintings; the following are mainly photos, and a brief introduction to the BMW 2022 models for everyone!

2022 style G310GS

Cosmic Black is newly launched, and the 40th Anniversary Edition is naturally discontinued and disappeared on the product line.

2022 style G310R

New Year-style color schemes with mainly white, blue and red wheels, and cosmic black similar to G310GS have been added. As for the current polar white, it disappeared from the lineup.

2022 R NineT Urban GS

R NineT Urban GS is available in two new colors: Imperial Metallic Blue and Metallic Storm Black. The 40th Anniversary Edition was abandoned and discontinued.

2022 R18 / R18 Classic

A total of three colors, including Mars Red Metallic, Manhattan Matte Black, and Galaxy Gold X Metal Titanium Silver, have been introduced to make the R18 more modern. The Classic, which comes standard with large-area goggles and saddle bags, also launched the above three new colors.

2022 R1250RT

Two new colors, including graffiti triple black and metallic storm black, are added, and the current Manhattan metallic color is discontinued.

2022 R1250RS

A fresh and sporty new color with a red frame and front white body is newly launched, while Austin Metal Yellow is removed from the product line.

2022 S1000RR

Metallic mineral gray is added to the car color part. The front and rear suspension of the M package, which was originally an optional package, is directly lowered as standard equipment. The Sport package is cancelled and replaced by the Dynamic package. As for the Billet package, it is retained.

2022 S1000XR

The new colors include metallic storm black, racing red, and bright white XM Motorsport. The bright white XM Motorsport is the first appearance of the M package in the XR car series.

2022 F750GS

Metal Storm Black was added, and the 40th Anniversary Edition was abandoned and discontinued.

2022 F850GS

Metal Storm Black is added, and the 40th Anniversary Edition is discontinued and disappeared.

2022 F850GS Adventure

The 40th Anniversary Edition is discontinued, and two new colors, Metal Storm Black and Glacier Grey, are added.

2022 F900R

With metallic stone blue and bright white X metallic racing blue X racing red as the New Year’s style car colors, San Marino metallic blue and metallic silver X racing red are discontinued and disappeared.

2022 F900XR

In addition to the new metal storm black color, it is also equipped with handle bow guards as standard, and the original metal plating gold disappears and is discontinued.

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