BMW X2 Review: Is it an attractive option in Vietnam?

BMW X2 Review: Is it an attractive option in Vietnam?

Many people think that BMW X2 will encounter many difficulties in competing with strong rivals such as Mercedes GLA or Audi Q2 …

General introduction BMW X2

It is known that BMW X2 is a hybrid of crossover and hatchback models added to its portfolio of high-profile models such as BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5 and BMW X6 … BMW X2 will be a competitor. With beautiful luxury cars such as Mercedes GLA, Audi Q2, Range Rover Evoque, Volvo XC40 and Jaguar E Pace in Vietnam market. This X2-style low-ceiling SUV-Coupe is BMW’s attempt to conquer the young, especially single guys or stylish urban small families.

2019 BMW X2BMW X2

Review of BMW X2 on the exterior

Inheriting the foundation of its X1 model, the BMW X2 has a length dimension x width x height of 4,360 x 1,824 x 1,526 mm. Thus, the BMW X2 is shorter and shorter than its junior.

The first part

The distinctive sportiness of BMW remains in the front of the car with the kidney-shaped steering wheel for its small urban car. However, the strange point on the X2 is that the rounded shape is reduced by the BMW design team and beveled some corners to create a similar look and feel with the Full LED headlight cluster in the front. This lamp design has Corona shape, quite soft and attractive. A circular fog lamp is placed directly below that. The space below is surrounded by the main rectangular air cavity and two small air cavities on either side. The front bumper is made thin, the capeau part is contoured by a contour running toward the glass. The first part of the BMW X2 represents the true urban crossover.

BMW X2 attracts with sharp lightsBMW X2 attracts with sharp lights


Similar to its elder models, the BMW X2 features a closed-roof coupe design with a low beveled height, sliding toward the tail and rounded body in the C-pillar. BMW has exquisitely crafted the wheels and adds striking Frozen Gray cladding to the undercarriage. The company offers a wide range of 17-20 ‚ÄĚdiameter options for the standard versions, M Sport, M Sport X and premium models. This year is the first year that BMW has introduced a sports version inspired by rally racing. And yet, the steps of the rearview mirror and door handles are painted in the same color as the exterior, creating a remarkably elegant youthful look for the BMW X2.

Close up of X2 bodyClose up of X2 body

Tail section

You will feel a bit of Audi’s style at the rear of the car by the long LED taillights separated by a line in the middle. You will still find the fish-shaped antenna and sports wing quite impressive. Below is a set of chrome exhaust pipes.

The rear end has a slightly Audi-like feelThe rear end has a slightly Audi-like feel

In general, the whole BMW X2 has the appearance of a true urban crossover. Compared to the BMW X1, the X2 is beautiful, more creative and more like a miniature X5.

Review of BMW X2 interior

Interior space

You can’t count too much on the difference in interior design of the BMW X2 compared to its predecessor. The typical style as usual plus a few youthful accents created by the color scheme to be more fresh from the dashboard panels, the finishing seam on the leather covering for the seat system …

First, elegance comes from the luxurious leather upholstery of the renowned brand Alcantara with seams with contrasting thread colors. Tableau stands out with its definitive cut edges. With a wheelbase of 2,670 mm, the spaciousness and openness in the seat system can be felt with legroom and headroom. You will have more sunroof to catch the sun during the day.

Cockpit is very luxurious classCockpit is very luxurious class

One highlight that the X2 interior space owns is Ambient Lighting – the lighting system corresponds to the environment. This light technology is triggered by a ceiling light and a switch that controls its intensity. At night, you can activate the color options are orange, purple, green, brown, blue or white. As a result, you will see a continuous strip of light on the front and side of the vehicle.

The steering wheel of the BMW X2 is 3-spoke and premium leather, with many multifunctional shortcuts. The windshield is supplemented with HUD lights to provide complete information on the current situation of the vehicle as well as to guide the driver to focus more effectively.

Anthracite – BMW fillings applied to the standard X2 model. X2 M Sport owns Dakota material and the most advanced X2 M Sport X is applied with extremely luxurious Alcantara suede. The front row of seats is quite comfortable, with additional heating. Rear seat ranges are relatively spacious and comfortable, provided with a handy armrest.

Rear seat rows are relatively comfortable with the armrests handyRear seat rows are relatively comfortable with the armrests handy

BMW provides the X2 with a luggage compartment volume of 470L and flexible folding rows of seats to expand the volume at 40/20/40.

Equipped with amenities

Entertainment screen size 8.8 “in the center area is the highlight for the interior space of X2. Young people will be wowed by BMW’s ultra-modern connectivity technologies such as Online Entertainment, BMW Connected and Open Mobility Cloud. With your smart device, you can fully interact with X2 completely intuitive and easy. BMW equips X2 automatic air-conditioning system with two independent climates. According to the evaluation, the BMW X2 car possesses an air conditioning system that operates with a fairly smart mechanism. It can personalize the temperature needs of each person on the vehicle.

Review of BMW X2 in terms of engine / performance


Thaco Truong Hai has not confirmed the official information about the engine as well as variants of the X2 versions that will be distributed in Vietnam market. In the Thai market, the X2 model uses a 2.0L twin turbocharged engine model. This engine produces a maximum power of 192 horsepower along with maximum torque of 280 Nm.

In addition, BMW X2 specifications of some engine variants in some other markets are as follows:

  • Variant of X2 sDrive20i with 2.0L petrol engine (capacity of 192 hp, torque of 280 Nm)
  • X2 xDrive28i variant with 2.0L petrol engine (228 horsepower, 349 Nm of torque)
  • Variant of X2 xDrive20d with 2.0L Diesel engine (capacity of 190 horsepower, 400 Nm of torque)
  • Variant of X2 xDrive25d with 2.0L Diesel engine (231 horsepower, 450 Nm of torque)

Depending on the market, BMW will be equipped with each engine variant of a 7 or 8-speed automatic transmission, single or two-wheel drive system.

BMW also shares information on the gearbox model used on the X2. This is also a highlight because of the smoothness of the dual-clutch automatic transmission with 7 or 8 levels. BMW X2 takes 7.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 – 100 km / h and maximum speed reaches 227 km / h. Indeed, this ability of the X2 is not too impressive, it can even be considered a BMW X2 disadvantage when compared to other models in the same segment. BMW equips X2 with the adaptive automatic throttle function. Young people will be assisted at the maximum level, releasing the stress by focusing on keeping the speed and distance from the car ahead.

The X2's acceleration level is not very impressive compared to other crossovers in the same segmentThe X2’s acceleration level is not very impressive compared to other crossovers in the same segment


According to the evaluation of tests shared by some foreign auto websites, the performance of the SUV – Coupe X2 of BMW is quite good in urban areas, especially the ability to wriggle and handle bends. narrow. We will have enough information about performance as well as the ability to optimize fuel consumption when X2 is officially launched in Vietnam.

Review of BMW X2 on safety equipment

BMW luxury crossover X2 is equipped with many modern safety and driver assistance technologies as follows:

  • Automatic parking assistance system
  • Lane warning function
  • Collision prevention system
  • Automatic emergency braking system
  • Adaptive cruise control system
  • Safe distance maintenance function
  • Steering aid function when traffic is congested

X2 2019 is equipped with many advanced safety technologiesX2 is equipped with many advanced safety technologies

How much does the BMW X2 cost?

According to sharing from Thaco, the BMW X2 model will be distributed in Vietnam market with 3 versions: BMW X2 sDrive18i and BMW X2 sDrive20i.

Latest BMW X2 car prices:

BMW X2 sDrive18i price: VND 1,828 billion

BMW X2 sDrive20i price: 2,004 billion VND

So should buy a BMW X2? The BMW X2 is an interesting car for young people in urban areas. Compared to the Mercedes GLA or Audi Q2, the BMW X2 has an irresistible appeal that comes from a bold BMW design and a different operating experience.

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