BMW Vision Next 100: Supercar to turn unrealistic ambitions into reality

BMW Vision Next 100: Supercar to turn unrealistic ambitions into reality

The BMW Vision Next 100 has a gold-plated exterior and modern self-driving ability. Produced with a vision of 100 years later should be called the car from the future.

Exterior of the BMW Vision Next 100 supercar

In terms of exterior, Vision Next 100 was developed from the BMW i8 model but has simpler lines and a more modern design. The BMW Vision Next 100 supercar without B pillars and 4 open doors is designed in the form of a bird’s wings, so it gives a fancy feeling and helps users to access the car. These enhancements make Vision Next 100’s cabin more airy.

The front end is very prominent with a dual grille and vertical narrow. In addition, the car is also equipped with a large wind cavity and super-thin double headlights located on both sides making the car more robust but also soft and delicate. The whole body as well as the wheel part are very seamlessly designed to bring a more aerodynamic feel to the car with a wind coefficient of only about 0.18Cd.

BMW Vision Next 100 supercar interior

The interior of BMW Vision Next 100 is simple and airy. That’s because BMW has reduced everything, all designed to be thinner and more compact, such as seats, center console cluster, dashboard and steering wheel. Vision Next 100 furniture is made from high quality materials so it has high durability and feels very luxurious and modern.

The new BMW Vision Next 100 cockpit is equipped with face recognition, auto-unlocking feature when the car owner is detected approaching.

Super Vision Motor BMW Vision Next 100

The latest BMW Vision M Next supercar has a Power PHEV steering system, which allows it to operate both electric and four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engines. This supercar comes from this future with a capacity of up to 592 horsepower with a maximum speed of 300km / h and is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Vehicles equipped with two driving modes. If the driver wants to rest, use Ease mode to drive the car completely and then the steering wheel will be narrowed down to the dashboard. Meanwhile, the driving mode Boost will help drivers drive with the highest level of safety thanks to the extremely modern new technologies.

BMW Vision Next 100 super car was named manufacturer from the future. The car has made many worthwhile improvements even in design and technology. This model is produced by BMW to celebrate 100 years of history, so it is invested with 4D printing technology, modern self-driving features and many other top-notch gadgets, so it will definitely cost money. Not cheap. Therefore, only the rich supercar players can afford to own it.

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