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BMW M340i xDrive 3.45 million yuan listed in Taiwan! Zero hundred acceleration is only 0.3 seconds slower than M3

For all BMW fans, the M-mark is a guarantee of strength and a symbol of control. However, if you want to own an M3, you must prepare at least 5 million yuan. Now you have a better choice. The first M340i xDrive from Taiwan has an amazing strength of only 4.4 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, and the price is even more. Save about 1.6 million yuan than M3.

The new BMW M340i xDrive is equipped with a 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo petrol inline 6-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 387 horsepower and a maximum torque of 500 Newton meters. The high-performance engine power is matched with M sports car electronic suspension systems and xDrive smart The variable four-wheel drive system provides unparalleled control and fun for cars of the same level.

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Original text: only 0.3 seconds slower than the M3 BMW M340i xDrive 3.45 million yuan listed in Taiwan

Built on the advantages of the BMW 3 Series Sports Touring Car, the M340i xDrive has a low center of gravity, light weight, body balance, and rigidity.It is used in areas such as linear acceleration, cornering, fierce handling, and emergency braking. The new generation performance RV sets the latest model. In addition, 19-inch M double-split lightweight wheels, M sports electronic suspension, M sports differential, M brake kits, and M aero kits are all standard equipment for the M340i xDrive. Provide the best driving pleasure for car owners.

The TwinPower Turbo petrol inline 6-cylinder engine specially tuned for the BMW M340i enhances performance, power output and stability to a new level. The cerium gray rectangular tailpipes are matched with M sports exhaust systems and use dual exhaust valve control. , Switching between Sport and Sport + modes, the strong and wild sound highlights the mighty explosiveness of M performance models. In addition, the exhaust tailpipe has a petrol dust filtering function, allowing the new BMW M340i to comply with the latest EU6d EU environmental regulations. The average fuel consumption when driving 100KM is 7.5 liters, and the carbon dioxide emissions are 172g / km. .

The M340i xDrive is paired with the latest Steptronic sports eight-speed automatic manual gearbox. The tight and smooth shift timing can continuously provide abundant kinetic energy and improve fuel efficiency. The shift paddles on the steering wheel allow the owner to easily control the flexibility and dominance of speed. Combined with the xDrive intelligent variable four-wheel drive system, 100% of the engine’s kinetic energy is distributed to the front or rear axle through the transmission system and torque distribution. It provides the best control and precision, regardless of the intense driving on the track or the ease of daily driving. Sex. The M sporting differentials actively lock the rear wheel differential to distribute 0-100% of the left and right torque. When accelerating at the start, dynamic cornering, rear wheel slipping, and even oversteering, the M sporting differentials will all Intervention, in order to bring better tracking and dynamic performance to the owner, each path of speeding forward can arouse the owner’s desire for pure driving.

In terms of suspension, the new M340i xDrive is equipped with a front aluminum alloy double-joint spring column, a rear multi-link suspension, and a new shock absorber technology introduced for mass production for the first time, whether it is road comfort, steering accuracy, body flexibility, high speed Stability and so on are all higher. Strengthening the 20-pound spring pounds and reducing the body height of the M-sports-type electronic suspension system by 10mm to create a more engaging and active control.

The M340i xDrive’s dynamic M running interior appearance includes a cerium gray double kidney-shaped water tank cover with a 3D three-dimensional mesh shape derived from the racing concept. The tailor-made M aero package includes front air intake dams, side air intakes, The body skirt extends all the way to the rear wing, reflecting perfect aerodynamics; 19-inch M double-spread lightweight rims and M exclusive blue calipers with the M logo printed on it, with extremely fast speed and a sense of blood.

In the cabin space, the M340i xDrive uses Vernasca leather M dual front seat sports car seats. In addition to providing perfect lateral support, it can maintain the highest level of comfort and safety under various speeds and sharp corners. Functional leather steering wheel and M suture seat belts become essential blood accessories for drivers. The unique M340i logo on the 12.3-inch virtual digital dashboard and the welcome pedal, sincerely welcomes and looks forward to every driving desire of the owner.


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