BMW M Series: Over 40 years shaping style

BMW M Series: Over 40 years shaping style

When it comes to BMW sports cars, many people immediately think of the M Series models. This is the result of over 40 years of building, shaping the style and leaving a strong impression in the hearts of sports car enthusiasts.

When did BMW’s “M” concept come from?

First introduced in 1978, the “M” concept was then defined by BMW as simply a symbol of the “genuine sports car” produced by BMW.

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However, after 41 years of shaping and developing with more than 30,000 cars produced and distributed globally, the concept of “M” is not simply “positioning” but really has become “a desire. “For customers who wish to own a sports car from a German luxury car company.

In 1978, after the M1 received positive feedback from experts and the market, BMW continued to upgrade and create many other lines of the M Series. For example:

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M535i W12 (1979 – 2013): This is the vehicle of the M Series first put into commercialization. The car is produced and improved continuously until the year 2013. Overall there are 5 M5 versions with different prices.

BMW M635CSi E24 (1983 – 1989): This is an improved vehicle based on BMW’s 6 Series. The car has 3 versions with many attractive utilities. However, this model is unfortunately only distributed in the North American market.

BMW M3 E30 (1986 – 2013): The M3 is based on the 3 Series that has been put into commercial operation. This model has up to 7 different generations. The last generation is the M3 Couple E92 which was produced in 2007 and discontinued new production in 2013.

BMW XM (2009 – 2013): This is the first all-wheel drive model from BMW. This car is really “super product” by giving users a perfect experience in terms of utility and operation.

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BMW M4 (2014 – present): Up to the present time, the BMW M4 is still the car “shaping the style” in the future of the M Series. M4 is still a symbol of luxury, dynamic sporty style and the ultimate gadgets and technology that the car brings. Many experts evaluate, M4 is not only a car, this is also a “work of art” with perfect beauty.

Through more than 40 years of continuous improvement and development, BMW has truly put the M Series as the “symbol” of high-end sports cars. Although the price of the M Series is much different from the 3 Series, 6 Series or 8 Series, the cars of this line are always in the “top” of the sports cars that customers want most.

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