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BMW G310R vs HONDA CB300R analysis of choice reasons

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Whether it’s a G310R with a BMW halo or a HONDA CB300R with a Neo Sport Cafe posture, both use a single-cylinder engine with moderate power, comfortable riding posture and right of way. Become the best choice for daily riding and commuting. HONDA CB300R won an overwhelming victory with 77% of votes in the single-cylinder street car match between the East-West BMW G310R vs HONDA CB300R in the Moto7 car model last week. What are the reasons for car owners, let Moto7 take you to analyze together.

Vehicle East-West Week14 was won by HONDA CB300R.

Fifth place: Fuel consumption 29% (G310R 16% vs CB300R 84%)

Regardless of whether it is G310R or CB300R, affordable commuting settings are an important consideration for car owners, and the fuel consumption of vehicles naturally cannot place too much burden on car owners’ wallets. BMW G310R officially announced that the test fuel consumption is 32km / L, and its excellent fuel consumption performance is even more fuel-efficient than some domestically produced speeds. However, there is still a mountain high, weighing 10 kg HONDA CB300R, the official fuel consumption data came to 35km / L. The lighter weight of the equipment makes the CB300R’s fuel consumption better than the G310R, and it also makes the owner’s burden lighter.

The excellent fuel consumption performance of the BMW G310R surpasses some of the domestically produced Sukkoda.

The CB300R weighs only 145 kilograms, which not only increases ride handling, but also reduces fuel consumption.

Fourth place: Logistics maintenance 38% (G310R 1% vs CB300R 99%)

As a car for daily riding, logistics maintenance is naturally the focus of car owners. Although the two vehicles are produced by Southeast Asian countries, the brand has caused a difference in the logistical maintenance of the two vehicles. HONDA’s reasonable price, coupled with Japanese original technical support, services, efficiency, quality are not to mention. As a global premium brand, BMW has a slightly higher maintenance cost than other car manufacturers. However, G310R’s logistic waiting time is not short, and it has to wait in case of failure. It is even more difficult to find a technician who is proficient in BMW in the workshop after leaving the original factory. In terms of commuter cars, the longer waiting time and maintenance costs do not meet the needs of car owners. Therefore, in the logistical maintenance part, CB300R won an overwhelming victory.

Although the G310R is produced by Southeast Asian countries, the logistics maintenance cost is higher than that of its competitors.

The CB300R is also manufactured in Southeast Asia, but the logistics maintenance cost is lower than the G310R.

Third place: 47% price and discount (G310R 8% vs CB300R 92%)

Price is always the focus of car owners. As long as 279,000, you are the owner of BMW. “Is the most attractive charm of G310R. Compared with BMW’s selling price of 80,900,000 yuan, the price of G310R is relatively close to the people. Combined with the original car purchase project, it is indeed not difficult to own a BMW. However, the CB300R was born, allowing petty bourgeoisie to start with a price of about 230,000. Equipped with an inverted front fork, digital instrument panel and other equipment, but the more affordable CB300R is a good choice for riders with a limited budget to easily enter the heavy rim.

With rich equipment and affordable prices, the CB300R has become a good choice for owners with limited budgets to step into the heavy rim.

Among BMW’s selling prices of 8-9 million jumps, the price of the G310R is relatively close to the people, and it is the “lowest threshold” to start BMW.

Second place: Brand 62% (G310R 29% vs CB300R 71%)

BMW factory standard blessing, G310R can be said to capture the hearts of many fans. The powerful brand benefits, the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians’ attention-giving ceremonies are just plain and simple everyday. HONDA CB300R also accumulated a lot of die-hard fans through the mountains and rivers played by HONDA’s predecessors. In the fourth round, HONDA’s brand efficiency is not as strong as BMW; but in the second round, HONDA’s strength also belongs to the top class, and it is even as good as BMW’s style. The price difference between CB300R and G310R is nearly 50,000 yuan. Some people are willing to increase their budget to BMW, but most riders still choose HONDA.

BMW factory standard blessing is one of the reasons why many owners buy the G310R.

Despite the charm of the BMW logo, most owners choose HONDA.

First place: Appearance 72% (G310R 18% vs CB300R 82%)

The G310R design is relatively traditional. The G310R inherits the design of its boss S1000R. The gold inverted front fork and its own radial calipers show the G310R sports breath. Although the design of the halogen integrated headlights on the front of the car looks monotonous, the BMW muscle logo on the fuel line of the fuel tank highlights the unstoppable domineering, and the compact integrated seat cushion makes the visual effect of the vehicle more crisp. The CB300R retro-shaped LED round lights inherit the design style of the family Neo Sport Cafe ’. Modern elements based on retro. Equipped with LED direction lights, digital instruments, sturdy inverted front forks and sharp lines of the fuel tank, it makes the vehicle domineering at a glance. The semi-separated front and rear seat cushions add a bit of running charm. Although both designs have their strengths, the CB300R is more popular with the public.

The design of the G310R head with halogen bulbs and integrated headlights is a bit of a spring.

The muscle lines of the G310R fuel tank that extend backwards, combined with the compact and short one is the seat cushion, giving the vehicle a sensitive temperament.

Following the characteristics of the NEO SPORTS CAFE family, the CB300R (center) and the big brothers CB1000R (left) and CB150R (right) are equipped with LED lamps and inverted front forks. Combining retro and technology.

The classic LED round lamp with modern technology is the biggest feature of HONDA family Neo Sport Cafe ’.

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