BMW 7 Series: "Golden legend" in the luxury car village

BMW 7 Series: “Golden legend” in the luxury car village

BMW 7 Series is considered a “golden legend” in the luxury car village when it has a long history, but until now it still retains a certain position in the segment.

With 16 exterior colors and 10 interior colors so that customers can choose their own BMW 7 Series according to their preferences, this is also the highlight of each individual owner. As the “golden legend” in the luxury car village, the BMW 7 Series is the brand new symbol of BMW when it comes to luxury, comfort and power.

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Exterior BMW 7 Series: Powerful in every line

The exterior design of the BMW 7 Series with the front of the car is easily identifiable thanks to the distinctive kidney-shaped grille of the BMW brand that can open and close. Along with that is a pair of Adaptive LED smart headlights that automatically adjust the lighting angle according to the driver’s steering wheel angle. The long capo with two matte ribs creates a fierce, sporty feeling.

The BMW 7 Series chassis is made of high-grade steel and carbon fiber that is both sturdy and supple to provide good bearing, but still effectively reduces the weight of the vehicle without losing chassis stability or sound insulation. Electric car mirrors, chrome-plated glass edges, anti-glare coating and integrated turn indicators help increase the elegance of the side.

BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 Series uses 18- and 19-inch lasers for each version. In addition, the lifting and lowering of the chassis by the pneumatic suspension helps the driver to operate more comfortably and does not lose the car when going up and down the sidewalk. The rear of the 7 Series is prominent with a large sports exhaust.

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BMW 7 Series interiors: Sport and luxury

Entering the luxury BMW 7 Series model, you will be overwhelmed by the luxurious designs with wood grain details, Nappa leather … With the interior option, customers will choose for themselves the type of materials they want to use. for the seats to provide the smoothest feeling.

The large size of the car makes the leg room spacious, the seats are soft, combined with the light and sound, as well as the most modern features to help you enjoy a valuable space. A sporty 3-spoke steering wheel integrates utility keys with a taplo panel with a minimalistic design. The rear seats are also favored when the manufacturer arranges the BMW Touch Command computer to help adjust all functions on the car.

Engine – operating the BMW 7 Series: An emotional experience

The 2.0L I4 TwinPower Turbo engine power comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission that will give the BMW 7 Series an emotional experience. The feeling of driving the BMW 7 Series is really more interesting when using the vehicle’s outstanding features such as gesture control, smart key, information display function through the HUD windshield …

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How much does the BMW 7 Series cost?

The lowest selling price of a BMW 7 Series is at more than 4 billion VND, the highest version is nearly 13 billion VND. In Vietnam market, BMW 7 Series is imported complete unit from Germany through distributor Thaco. The most advanced version of the BMW 7 Series will be ordered according to customer requirements. With this price, the latest generation of BMW 7 Series will give you the experience of the class.

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