BMW 3 Series: The perfect combination of classic and modern style

BMW 3 Series: The perfect combination of classic and modern style

The BMW 3 Series is considered the symbol of the sports sedan with impressive design, flexibility and convenience to meet the needs of daily travel.

Exterior of the BMW 3 Series

The new BMW 3 Series has an exterior with very distinctive sports car features. The car still retains the classic features of the three-box model such as: The bonnet and wheelbase are quite long, the passenger compartment is pulled back. When we focus on the car we can see an elegant but also very sporty feature.

The strong, sporty beauty of the BMW 3 Series is strongly demonstrated through the fender air intake details with thin horizontal bars right in the front combined with the modern LED headlight system. At the same time, LED fog lights are installed right below the headlights, making the front of the car even more prominent. In addition, the rear of the car is also very impressive with the rear bumper being two horizontal lines and the rear light cluster also uses LED technology to make the car stand out at night.

furniture BMW 3 Series vehicles

The latest BMW 3 Series uses premium materials and impeccable quality. Spacious interior compartment for large storage capacity. The dashboard integrates neat, versatile and very convenient buttons to make the car elegant and increase the aerodynamics of the car. Many details in the car are decorated by chrome plating on the glossy black surface for high aesthetic beauty and creating a sense of luxury and class.

BMW 3 Series engine

The latest BMW 3 Series car is optimized for weight. The vehicle has a very powerful rear wheel drive. BMW 3 Series owns two types of engines: gasoline engine and oil engine for high efficiency and good fuel economy.

The famous petrol engine of the BMW TwinPower Turbo is the latest with 6 cylinders in line with an 8-speed transmission. This engine gives the vehicle agility as well as the ability to react very quickly. BMW 3 Series cars run smoothly and give impressive performance.

Safety equipment BMW 3 Series

The standard BMW 3 Series is equipped with a full, modern and advanced safety system such as: Anti-lock braking, anti-slip and electronic balance, full airbags for positions. , electronic balance feature, collision warning system and many other advanced features.

Overall, the BMW 3 Series is the standard model of the sports sedan segment. The vehicle is beautifully designed, equipped with modern amenities, impressive performance and high-end safety features. The price of the latest BMW 3 Series version in Vietnam ranges from 1.9 billion to 2.3 billion.

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