BMW 3 Series 2019 - The best sports sedan today

BMW 3 Series 2019 – The best sports sedan today

Launched at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, the BMW 3 Series G20 marks the sixth transformation of the premium sedan that has existed for more than 4 decades.

BMW 3 Series has long been considered a monument in its segment when it combines comfort, luxury with practicality and especially the driving feel of sports cars. So, it’s no surprise that this model has always been recognized as one of the best conpact sedans in the world. Of course, these features are still inherited on the G20 generation but are raised to a new level so the 3 Series can further strengthen its position.

In terms of design, 3 Series G20 has shown many new points. The car retains its muscular physique, often seen with design details that have become identifiable such as the kidney grille or dual eye headlights. However, these details are innovative, in which the light strips of the headlights are made slimmer and sharper. The grille is also larger and is surrounded by thicker chrome borders. In addition, bumpers, air intakes and taillights are all redesigned.

Feelings of beauty are usually personal, each person will have his own thoughts. According to the writer’s personal opinion, the 3 Series 2019 is a beautiful and very stylish car. For many years, 3 Series has always been associated with the image of sports cars, dynamic style. Without these, this model loses an important identifying feature and may not be able to reap so much success.

Inside the cabin, the interior of the 3 Series G20 also shows a similar face. Simple but modern, luxurious and sporty. Like many products in the segment, the car’s cabin is covered with many high-quality materials. The highlight of this area is many shiny metallic details. In general, there is no point to complain about the interior design of the 3 Series 2019. But if compared fairly with rivals from Audi or Mercedes-Benz in this regard, the BMW car has less prominent part.

But not so that the cabin of the 3 Series G20 lacks the highlights. The first is spacious comfort for people in the backseat. This is because the vehicle’s wheelbase has been longer than before. Next is the iDrive 7 infotainment system – the car’s brain. According to CarWow, this system has been improved and proved to be extremely intelligent. The prestigious magazine TopGear appreciated the familiar iDrive knob assembly. It allows the driver to interact with the infotainment system without taking your eyes off the road. If desired, they can also use iDrive 7 via a touch screen or voice control with a personal assistant. In addition, caibn is also said to be quite quiet thanks to very good sound insulation.

Above are glimpses, so what about operation? As always, the handling ability that has become the trademark of the 3 Series G20 is highly appreciated by many experts. All TopGear, Autocar or CarWow agree that the 7th Generation 3 Series is the most sporty car in the small luxury sedan segment. Flexible, fast and accurate steering, not to mention the powerful engine blocks.

Not only brings a sporty driving feel, smooth and comfortable experience on BMW products is also guaranteed. However, experts from TopGear said that the suspension of the car has not worked really well and still bring a little uncomfortable when the road surface is rough and uneven. It is clear that the Bavarian automaker has tried but to be honest, they are still inferior to Mercedes-Benz in this clause.

BMW offers the 3 Series 2019 various engine options, including petrol and diesel engines. In particular, the diesel versions with a capacity of 148 to 261 horsepower mainly for the European market. The petrol engine versions range from 181 hp on 320i and up to 374 horsepower on the M340i. In addition, this model also includes a hybrid transformer of 330e with a total capacity of 2.0-liter i4 turbocharger and electric motor reaching 248 horsepower, accompanied by 420Nm of torque. Power from the engine is transmitted to the rear wheel (RWD) or all four wheels (xDrive) through a 6-speed manual gearbox or 8-speed automatic transmission. In general, the choice is very rich so that customers can choose.

Like many new cars today, the BMW 3 Series also incorporates a series of advanced self-driving technologies. From adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, pedestrian warning, or parking assistance … all appear on this sedan to enhance safety and reduce the burden on the driver. Of course, to say the breakthrough is not really because as mentioned above, products in the same segment currently own these equipment. Not to mention that more and more cars in the popular segment are also starting to be added with active driver assistance and safety features.

Currently, the BMW 3 Series 2019 has landed in Southeast Asia. Specifically, this car has now been sold in Singapore and Thailand. In it, 3er ’G20 starts at $ 94,000 in the country of golden temples. With the judgment of foreign experts, it can be seen that this is a model suitable for people with strong and dynamic personality who prefer to experience the excitement behind the wheel rather than appreciate the comfort, luxury. Of course, this is not to be overlooked.

The writer of TopGear magazine had a pretty good saying that although the competitors are getting better, the new generation BMW 3 Series is still a standard in its segment. Just such an opinion is enough for consumers to continue to put their faith in this product.


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