BlueStacks 5 beta released, 40% faster than the previous version

BlueStacks, pioneering platform to play Android games on PC has just launched its latest version, BlueStacks 5 (Beta). BueStacks 5 was reprogrammed and developed from the ground up to improve resource usage and ARM support.

The gaming community is unprecedented in 2020 and 2021

The year 2020 has a big impact on the gaming industry and changes the way people spend their free time. 2021 is expected to reach nearly 2.8 billion gamers worldwide (according to a Newzoo report). With developers increasingly releasing larger and heavier games, more and more gamers are switching to BlueStacks on PC to play mobile games.

Uninterrupted gaming – 5 hours a day on average

On average, a BlueStacks user spends 5 hours playing mobile games per day. But mobile games are not designed for playing games in the long run. The FPS and Long-flight lock features create a seamlessly smooth gameplay experience, making BlueStacks 5 (beta) a great platform for gaming for hours on end. With faster boot times, installation and game run times, gamers can now play powerful RPG games, strategies, etc. without worrying about their PC’s inability.

In addition, since gamers often switch between Discord, web browsing and gaming, the Eco-mode feature lets you do more things more efficiently. With the upgraded Multi-instance and Eco mode, gamers can now run multiple BlueStacks faster with less lag. Not to mention, the controls in the game are refined, the interface is improved.

BlueStacks 5 (beta) promises to use only 40% RAM compared to the previous version. This is considered the lightest and fastest mobile gaming platform today.

You can download BlueStacks 5 (beta) here.

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